Error with Winlogon.exe

  RickH0684 00:09 06 Jan 2005

Hi People,

Hope someone can be of some help, my computer seems to be finding it hard to do things it "use" to do so simply, its a Compaq Presario SR1080UK, Specs are Pentium 4, 3.2Ghz HT, 1024Mb Ram, 256MB NVidia Gfx Card, 250gb hd, and all the rest, if you need anymore info on that just ask, but the erros is as copied from the Event Viewer on Win XP HE:

"Application popup: Please wait...: winlogon.exe - Application Error : The exception Integer division by zero.
(0xc0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x75976a31.

Click on OK to terminate the program"

Please if anyone can help be most appreciated, also get a blue screen when I try to shutdown, no problems logging on although runs slow starting up. Blue screen only came on once when shut down.

Many Thanks in Advance


  ACOLYTE 00:19 06 Jan 2005

I have no idea what the error is but winlogon.exe
manages logons and manages validation codes,it is sometimes accocated with a virus,the division by zero thing might mean the winlogon.exe file is corrupt,maybe a system file check might help.

  RickH0684 00:22 06 Jan 2005

Ok, but how do I do the filecheck, have run NAV software, took ages, but completed, the only thing it found was threats, i.e. Adware, nothing thats doing though, has all now been removed but got the blue writing when shutdown, well it didnt shut down, I had to use power button on front of computer,

Once Again Thanks and also for the very fast reply,


  ACOLYTE 00:25 06 Jan 2005

OPen the run box and type in sfc /scannow you may need your windows cd handy.

  RickH0684 00:28 06 Jan 2005

Am doing that, what happens if XP was pre installed and I dont have a CD Key, I dont recall seeing one when I got it, all pre installed etc etc, its doing it as we speak but not asked yet? What can I expect from this?

Cheers AC


  turnip 60 00:36 06 Jan 2005

Can someone please explain how i can password protect a folder so that only I can access it.
I run windows XP pro.

  turnip 60 00:37 06 Jan 2005

Sorry I have posted to the wrong window

  ACOLYTE 00:37 06 Jan 2005

If it was pre-installed it may be printed on the back of the pc case.,and if it finds files have changed or become corrupt it will attempt to repair them.

  Porly07 11:13 06 Jan 2005

Have you installed any new hardware or software lately?

  RickH0684 18:32 06 Jan 2005

Installed a new soundcard but that is ok, can't believe it was that, is a Creative Audigy LS or something like that and hasn't caused any other kind of problems.

Thanks again,


  RickH0684 17:24 08 Jan 2005


Many thanks, that appears to have sorted the problem out, will have to remember that one.

Thanks Again,


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