error VsTskMgr.exe

  tonyq 15:21 27 Mar 2008

I have been tidying up a friends laptop,now when the laptop is started the following error comes up.

VsTskMgr.exe Encountered a problem and needed to close.
This error occurred on 27/03/2008 at 12:50

I have had a quick look on google about this and it says it may have something to do with Mcafee, Which is one of the things that I uninstalled by means of the Mcafee Uninstalling Tool. Advice Needed on how to cure this error please.

  woodchip 15:48 27 Mar 2008

Try running from run box


  tonyq 15:52 27 Mar 2008

Another thing that as happened is when I need the
@ symbol by means of the shift key + @ what I get is
" symbol. I don't know if it is related to the above problem or not.

  skidzy 16:21 27 Mar 2008

Missing @ Symbol

Normally this is a result of having a system set up for the US and not UK

Workaround solution: (1)

( Press and hold Shift + 2 ) should give = @

Changing your system keyboard configuration to uk in XP

Click Start / Control Panel / Switch to Classic View - click regional and language settings - looks like a globe

Select the region that you want then click on advanced - ensure there is a tick in the very bottom box that apples it to every user and default user setting.

Now goto the languages tab - select the region that you want - then click on the add button.

In the little box if you have another region in there as well - select it then click on the remove button.

Now click apply and then ok - then restart your pc - that should sort that out for you.

This is assuming you have Windows XP Home/Professional.


My guess is you still have Mcafee remanants left over,one or more of the registry values maybe looking for this entry...hence your warning/error.

Run ccleaner click here and reboot.

Then use windows search and look for anything related to Mcafee and delete.

You may have to run regedit and scan the registry to find the remainder of the entries.

  tonyq 17:37 27 Mar 2008

thank you for the replys.
ran SFC /SCANNOW everything O.K.
ran cccleaner and rebootedstill the same.
ran a scarch nothing came up.

Please could you advise me how to scan the registry for Mcafee when in reg edit.

Keyboard now working O.K thanks for the info on this problem.

  tonyq 18:31 27 Mar 2008

I have been looking how to scan the registry for Mcafee when in reg edit,using the "Edit Find", it found the following entries.
click here

Not sure what I should delete,the bottom one or all three or any of them?

  skidzy 20:08 27 Mar 2008

Backup the registry first,some tips here click here then remove the three entries and reboot the system.

See if this helps.

Basically manual method;

To start out, click the Start button and select Run. Type in regedit and press the enter key. A few seconds later you will be presented with a two pane window that resembles the Windows Explorer.

Go into the File menu, and select Export. Find the location of where you wish to store the registry backup file, and type in a name for the file. Click on the Save button, and you are finished. You now have a nice backup of your Windows registry.

To Restore the backup;

When you find the need to restore a backup copy of your registry, the process is simply. Locate the backup file, and double click it. You will be presented with a dialog asking you if you are sure you wish to add the data to your registry. Click on Yes and your registry will be restored within seconds.

  tonyq 20:34 27 Mar 2008

Thanks skidzy
it will probably be tomorrow when I can have a go. I will report back with results.

  tonyq 22:21 27 Mar 2008

it would only let me delete the bottom 2 items which I did then saved as you said,rebooted but to no avail no change error still coming up. Any more ideas?

  roddypoddy 22:33 27 Mar 2008

click here
Try this,it will create a restore point before it runs for the first time,so if it does not solve your problem,at least nothing more will end up broken.

  skidzy 22:50 27 Mar 2008

Tony ,have you tried in safemode ?

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