Error :- System Standby Failed

  Simac 20:54 23 Apr 2006

I have a friend who has problems with his PC in which an error comes up everytime the PC is about to go into Standby mode. The Error message as follows reads :- System Standby Failed, The device driver for the 'standard 101/102 key or Microsoft Natural Ps/2 keyboard device is preventing the machine from entering standby. Please close all applications and try again. If the problem persists, you may need to update the drivers. I tried to update drivers but they were fine and the keyboard works fine. The PC which is a HP was brought only a week ago and came with Windows XP Home. Any help offered will be much appreciated.

  Rtus 21:23 23 Apr 2006

if your friend chooses turn off instead of stand by does it do so with no problem restarting when they wish to reboot?

  Simac 21:33 23 Apr 2006

Not sure what you quite mean, I have since got back home to try it on my PC (Desktop) and I get exactly the same message, though I have never bothered with standby mode before. In my power options from the control panel my stanby is on (Never), as my friends was (15mins) I have suggested he just puts it onto (Never) then it will not come up automatically. When I try the same function on my Lap-Top it works it goes into standby mode with no problem, I have been looking at MS website for the problem and it mentions it but does not seem to come up with an answer to resolve this problem.

  Jackcoms 15:36 24 Apr 2006

Try this:

Control Panel; Printers and Other Hardware; Keyboard.

Click on Hardware and then Properties. Click on Power Management.

Ensure that 'Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby' is ticked.

Then in Power Options from Control Panel, enable Standby to, say, 45 minutes or whatever suits you.

  Rtus 18:28 24 Apr 2006

is this similar ?

click here

  Simac 20:07 24 Apr 2006

Thanks for your reply, must say I do not have Printers and other hardware in my Control Panel, but I do have Printers and Faxes, unfortunately when I open these I do not have a keyboard. Did right click keyboard in my control panel, then clicked on the hardware tab, then properties, but again I did not get an option to click on power management, there was not one so the rest of your message could not be taken into account. You must be using a different OS to me. Thanks for trying though.

  Simac 20:09 24 Apr 2006

I have tried your link but no joy really, for it doesn't really give me much to go on, besides your link was based on the error being in the OS win 2000.

  Jackcoms 21:05 24 Apr 2006

"You must be using a different OS to me"

On the contrary, I'm using exactly the same OS - XP Home

  Jackcoms 21:18 24 Apr 2006

"I do not have Printers and other hardware in my Control Panel, but I do have Printers and Faxes".

Which means you're using Control Panel in Classic view rather than Category view.

In which case, in Classic view, click on 'System'. Then click 'Hardware' and 'Device Manager'.

Now click on Keyboard to expand the menu. Your keyboard type should now show.

Right click on your keyboard type and left click on 'Properties'. Left click on 'Power Management' and continue as per my post of 15:36.

  Rtus 21:32 25 Apr 2006

Doesnt only affect Win 2000. (Xp home /pro also noted for similar problems)This behavior can occur if a program installs a kernel-mode driver that attaches itself to the standard keyboard driver (I8042prt.sys). Examples of programs that exhibit this behavior include: • Pgpdisk 6.02 and 6.5 (installs Pgpmemlock.sys and Pgpdisk.sys drivers)
• Adobe Type Manager 4.0 (installs the Atmhelpr.sys driver) Note aparantly the Adobe TM is bundled with Hp & other brand computers. So you may not be aware its on the system . Search for "Atmhelpr"

Other than that try Jackcoms guide

  Jackcoms 21:42 25 Apr 2006

"Doesnt only affect Win 2000"

Er, I think you'll find, if you read Simac's post, that s/he is talking about XP.

Nothing to do with Win 2000.

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