Error: System Fan Has Failed!

  Thatslife 08:43 17 Mar 2009

Service PC to prevent damage to the system. press F2 to continue.

This is the error message I get when startiong my PC. I've check all the fans and they are all working. Three case fans and the one over the processor. I've downloaded Speedfan but this only identifies 1 fan which is spinning around 2000rpm (I assume this is the fan over the processor).

I've recently changed the power supply which has a bigger slower turning fan. Could the error message relate to this as the mobo think the fan has failed as it's spinning slower? Is there any way to check and be sure?



  Graphicool1 09:00 17 Mar 2009

Check your system and CPU temps by entering the BIOS and looking at PC Health. Or you can download a utility to show the temps while in Windows. One such utility is speedfan. Download from the link below.

I think you need to replace your fan but check the temps. I suspect the fan must rotate at a minimum speed or the warning is shown. click here

  Thatslife 09:26 17 Mar 2009

I've already downloaded Speedfan. Says the processor temps are ok and the Fan 1 is spinning @ ~2000RPM. Not sure what fan this relates to but as the processor temps are ok I'm assuming it's the one over the processor. There's also a front 120mm fan. A side 120mm fan and a rear 120mm fan in addition to the processor fan. I've recently changed the case/PSU and graphics card. Error message only appeared after I made the changes. The case fans are all bigger as is the PSUs. Does this mean they turn slower and hence the mobo is reporting an error? Does this relate to the PSU fan too??


  crosstrainer 09:29 17 Mar 2009

Check the default settings in your BIOS screen. These can be adjusted to speed up or slow down the fans as required. If all your fans are ok, then setting cool and quiet correctly should solve the problem.

  Miké 10:09 17 Mar 2009

It's possible that one of your new fans is being monitored by your system, but does not have the third wire necessary for the speed to be sensed.

  Graphicool1 10:19 17 Mar 2009

Check that the CPU fan is blowing air onto the fins and not the reverse. In fact while you are about it, make sure all the fans are blowing in the right direction.

Regarding having changed the case etc, did you also clean the dust and fluff from inside the heatsink fins?

It doesn't take much to make the PC throw a wobbly!

  Thatslife 11:01 17 Mar 2009

Mike - Come to think of it, the fan at the back now takes power directly from PSU. There are no other connections from it. Previously, the fan at the back plugged in to the mainboard. Could be on to something there. It that's the case, I assume an adjustment to the BIOS setting will cure this problem?

Graphicool1 - I gave the heat sink a good clean out. The dust in there was amazing blocking some of the space, but I cleaned it out. Case fans are all doing what they should. Not checked the fan above the processor but would this has changed if I haven't altered any settings or changed the mainboard?

  crosstrainer 11:06 17 Mar 2009

Thats your problem....If the fan is not connected to the motherboard, the BIOS cant monitor it. You can disable the warnings, or (better) plug it back into sys fan or similar on the mobo.

  Graphicool1 11:08 17 Mar 2009

Didn't you remove the CPU fan to clean the the heatsink fins?

  Thatslife 11:11 17 Mar 2009

Yes but I didn't unplug it.

  woodchip 11:45 17 Mar 2009

Have you checked the PSU fan is working top back of computer tower

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