Error on Shutdown - "Ending Program - Sample"

  rayjenkins 15:09 18 Feb 2005

I've started getting the message "Ending Program - Sample" when I try to close down my laptop which causes it to hang unless I click the 'End Now' button. I've ran the A/V scanner, Spybot and Adaware to no avail and nothing shows up in the log files. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  Diemmess 15:48 18 Feb 2005

Something left over in the registry perhaps? Simple, and harmless housekeeping such as checking the list of files loaded with windows (msconfig) and running CClean for starters.

More powerful registry cleaners can be used with great care, but try the harmless things first.

  rayjenkins 16:50 18 Feb 2005

No, I've tried the registry and a few registry cleaners. I once saw the same error occur when I was setting up a Dell laptop for someone at work and I ended up rebuilding it to get rid of the error, but then I was working to a tight schedule. My laptop is a HP one (and obviously far more important than a works one so I don't want to rebuild it), so I wondered if it might be down to a common factor between laptops.

  FelixTCat 17:10 18 Feb 2005

Note the message carefully when it next pops up. Then after your next startup, search the registry for the exact string you saw. If it is a part of a program, the search will tell you which directory it is in, which may indicate the program that is causing the problem.

If you are unlucky, it will be in windows\system32. If that is so, look at the properties of the file; this may give the manufacturer, which in turn may indicate the program, or at least a website to search.

  rayjenkins 19:13 28 Feb 2005

No, I've checked the registry thoroughly and even edited it to try and force it to shut down any open windows but still nothing.
Also, it seems to start up after the event logs shut down so there's nothing in there either. Once it appears I can't start-up any other monitoring programs that list running processes or services either. Anyone reckon it might be worth contacting HP (they made the laptop)? I've had to deal with them professionally before and their service department seemed to be okay.

  rayjenkins 21:59 28 Feb 2005

Actually, I've fixed it myself. It was a disabled service called 'Spectrum 24 Event monitor".

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