error - SDTrayApp.exe - application error

  jarani 10:26 26 Dec 2007

the instruction at "0x129b371b" referenced memory at "0x00000000" . the memory could not be read .
click ok to terminate the program
when clicked it does not go away

any comments please ?

  johndrew 10:45 26 Dec 2007

Do you have a memory card reader connected/fitted to you PC? If so is there a card in it? If not and the reader is USB disconnect it and try again; if the reader is internal look at your boot sequence in BIOS or press F8 to get to the boot screen and see if the reader shows up as a boot option.

It could also be a failed/faulty reader or card.

  jarani 11:02 26 Dec 2007

john - thank you - I will try to explore these options - jarani

  jarani 11:09 26 Dec 2007

john - I rebooted and the problem went away - thank you

  Crash 11:49 26 Dec 2007

It is spyware doctor which is part of the google pack the problem will come back again even though it went away after restart

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