Error reports to microsoft

  towunda 16:31 28 Apr 2005

Hi everyone. XP home. For the last couple of days I am constantly being ask to report a problem to microsoft. I recently installed norton internet security at the weekend, would it have anything to do with this?? Thanks for any help. T

  spuds 17:15 28 Apr 2005

Norton tends to be a little thirsty on resources, so I would suspect that installing Norton as made a change to your previous configurations, hence microsoft wants to report a fault.

Do you have SP1 or SP2 installed, and what other security/protection are you running.

Norton have a very good knowledge base on their support website, with over 788 Microsoft FAQ's. Might be worth a look there.

Sorry that I cannot help further, but I usually ignore microsoft report notices.

  towunda 17:45 28 Apr 2005

ermmm.. sp1 or sp2 ?? dunno! Im connected with aol think they run some security protection.

  Buchan 35 17:59 28 Apr 2005

I suggest you install Spybot S&D,cLeaner, and AdAware, check each one for updates and run them. They`re malware removers. When you`ve done that install Belarc advisor and learn from it what you`re system is. At the moment I eel sure it`s SP1 unless you bought the PC in the recent past, in which case iy`ll be SP2. When you have a problem it helps the experts on the forum to know what you`ve got. I`m no expert.:-))

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