Error report at XP start up.

  bswatts 12:06 27 Jul 2004

Xp has suddenly decoded to take longer to start up, particularly after the 'Welcome' screen appears. Also 2 requests to send error reports to Microsoft appear. It doesn't seem to matter whether I send the reports or not!
Can anyone help eo alleviate this problem and does anyone know what, if anything, Microsoft do about error reports.

  jonnytub 12:38 27 Jul 2004

can you post the contents of the error report here ? And with regard to microsoft, don't bother, the official line is that all reports are compiled to help build better os and fix current bugs. they won't get in touch with you

  jonnytub 14:42 27 Jul 2004

Hi bswatts, try and post in the forum as it gives other forum members who may be more experienced with your problem the chance to sort it out. Usually you should only email someone if invited to do so. Anyway an update on bswatts problem, he says "Thanks for reply. Errror message is 'ipcl.exe has encountered a problem. We are sorry for the inconveniece, etc.'. Is this sufficient for you to help. Regards" ,

BSwatts reply by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and using the message box, then hit post response

  jonnytub 14:42 27 Jul 2004

download and run trojan hunter click here

  jonnytub 14:44 27 Jul 2004

also are you running any spyware programmes such as adaware or spybot, zonealarm, antivirus, more detail please on what programmes you are running.

  gudgulf 14:58 27 Jul 2004

click here

Have a good read through that. If you have recently removed any malware via your av or something like Adaware then there is a link in the registry left over.When windows starts up it tries to run ipcl.exe which probably has been removed...hence the error messages.

There are instructions on how to edit the registry in the manual removal instructions at the bottom of the link I have given.

  bswatts 15:55 27 Jul 2004

Thanks gudgulf. Tried clicking on the link, but all that is far too complicated fof me! Abit like norton Personal Firewall - I installed it and then i was denied access to e mail and the Internet.
There seems little hope, so I had better get my system cleaned up by a local expert.
Thanks afor trying to help

  bswatts 15:59 27 Jul 2004

Thanks johnnytub. Besides the usual programmes that come with XP, i have NoAdware, Free Surfer, Norton Antivirus 2004, Norton Cleansweep, Adobe Reader 6.0 (I suspect this may be a problem), PcBugDoctor and Printmaster.

  jonnytub 16:06 27 Jul 2004

have you tried the trojan hunter download i posted earlier? and have you read through gudgulfs link, makes for interesting reading regarding your problem.

  bswatts 02:17 28 Jul 2004

Yes. I tried both but they are too dufficult for me to understand and I hava always understood not to mess with the registery as an amateur!

  gudgulf 04:20 28 Jul 2004

Ok then ,try a system restore to a time before the problem occurred. Easy to do and may just sort things out.

Click on Start,All Programs,Accessories,System Tools,system Restore.

When that opens click on restore my computer to an earlier time.You should be looking at a calender with some days marked in bold text.Select one of these from before your problem started and you should see a list of available restore point for that day.Pick one and follow the promps to restore your pc.A restore like this can be reversed so don't worry about giving it a try.

If this does not work post back.

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