Error problem with Malwarebytes

  Border View 16:28 21 Apr 2010

I run with XP Home SP3. I have Avast Antivirus (free edition)Sunbelt Personal Firewall (paid for version); SpywareBlaster and Malwarebytes.

Recently when I try to update Malware bytes I get an error code MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12150,0,WinHttpQueryHeaders) and the message to report this.

I tried uninstalling and got an error code 707 (2,0) but managed to uninstall. I then reinstalled the whole program again. Only to receive the error message MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12150,0,WinHttpQueryHeaders) when I tried to update.

I have sent an e-mail to Malwarebytes but they haven't come back to me yet.

Anyone else had similar problems and how did you remedy the situation?


  Sea Urchin 16:41 21 Apr 2010

A solution is posted by "fruty" in the Malwarebytes Forum. You must open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and go into "settings" from there go to "updater settings" All three boxes should be checked and Proxy server: and Port:3128. This works perfectly. You do not need a username and password.

This problem seems not uncommon, and appears linked to a conflict with Norton.

  john bunyan 17:02 21 Apr 2010

I hope Sea Urchin's suggestion works. I have Avira and Malawarebytes, but about a week ago I had a similar problem (also with Avira) and my EMail was faulty.Pretty sure I had a virus. Luckily I had a very recent ATI clone and image, which cured it.

  Border View 20:18 21 Apr 2010

Malwarebytes came back with a solution which is a bit over my head.

Went into Malwarebytes forum and followed a total clean out (uninstall) of the program and again reinstalled. Again without success.

Think there is a conflict with Avast Antivirus. Come to think about it a few problems have started since I got the most up to date version of Avast (free).

As far as Malwarebytes in concerned - can anyone please suggest an alternative. When I get one shall uninstall MBAM again.

  Sea Urchin 20:27 21 Apr 2010

Did you try my suggestion?

  VCR97 20:34 21 Apr 2010

You use Sunbelt Personal Firewall. Open it and select the Web page. Select Web Blocking. Untick "Enable web filtering". Tick Apply and OK. Now try to update MBAM. That was suggested to me by Malwarebytes support and it worked. You can then re-tick "Enable web filtering"...until the next time that you want to update.

You shouldn't have to do this, of course. Malwarebytes claimed that it's a bug in Sunbelt.

  VCR97 20:51 21 Apr 2010

Possible alternative is SuperAntiSpyware.

  Border View 22:54 21 Apr 2010

Sea Urchin

No it didn't work. Got a message that this proxy is not working. Timed out.


Your suggestion regarding Sunbelt Personal Firewall and unticking "Enable web filtering" worked. Was able to update Malwarebytes without a hitch. Afterwards reticked "Enable web filtering straight away.

This glitch on updating Malwarebytes is connected with their latest version. I had an older version on No. 2 computer. I did an update, which it did, then said a new version would be installed. This happened and when I went to do an update on the new version got the error message.

Will e-mail MBAM with this information.

Many thanks everyone for responding to my query.

  Border View 09:12 22 Apr 2010

Well I ticked this one as resolved because thanks to advice from VCR97 I was able to update MBAM,

I e-mailed MBAM explaining that the only way to update was to disable web filtering on my Sunbelt Personal Firewall. I also mentioned that I was concerned that every time I wish to update MBAM I need to go through this process and that I had had no problem with MBAM until their latest version.

Response this morning from MBAM : "You need to permanently disable the "web Filter" until Sunbelt fixes the issue. It is only used for ad blocking and does nothing to diminish security. There is nothing wrong with our software"

I shall forward his comments to Sunbelt, but in the meanwhile would appreciate the comments and advice of members of this forum about permanently disabling the web filter in my Firewall.

Will post this now but wont be logging on again until this pm

  Border View 15:48 22 Apr 2010

Is it advisable to permanently disable the web filter in Sunbelt Personal Firewall?

  rdave13 17:15 22 Apr 2010

You already have web shield with Avast5 so I would permanently disable it.

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