Error: no such partition. Entering rescue mode-gr

  victorshamo 13:47 29 Apr 2018


I'm having this "error: no such partition. Entering rescue mode-grub rescue" problem. I see that there are others questions like these on the forum, but I've tried it all, even other forums and youtube.

I tried to dual boot my pc with Ubuntu and Windows, after a while I decided to remove Ubuntu, I deleted the partition within it, so this problem came.

After trying all those "ls (hd0,msdos3)" paths and trying the "prefix...root" ones, I thought about something. When I installed Ubuntu on my pc, I did it on disk D:,Windows is installed on disk C:. I wonder if that's the reason why I can't follow the paths I mentioned.

I also went to a pc repair shop, they told me that to try to remove the HDD(where ubuntu was) and try to boot from the SSD(where Windows is). I still haven't tried that, I'm kinda scared of making more mistakes, but would also like to learn more and not have to pay 40,00 Euros without guarantee of having my files back(that's what they told me).

Thanks everyone!

  Bris 19:25 29 Apr 2018

You threw me when you said you had dual booted ubuntu with windows when what you have done is to install ubuntu on your HDD and windows on your SSD. The problem you are getting is because your BIOS is still booting from your HDD and because you have removed your ubuntu partition you have also removed parts of GRUB which is the bootloader.

Simply change your BIOS to boot from your SSD.

  victorshamo 20:30 29 Apr 2018

Thanks for the advice, I tried that too :/

I thought that would work too.

  Jollyjohn 20:56 29 Apr 2018

You need to repair the MBR Master Boot Record - click here using Fixboot.

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