error msg on boot up

  skell 17:22 19 Mar 2004

Hi i get the following error message on boot up


can anyone tell me whats wrong and how to correct it please. thanks

  LastChip 17:25 19 Mar 2004


  skell 17:27 19 Mar 2004

Win 98

  AndyJ 17:40 19 Mar 2004

This may help click here;en-us;q229186

  AndyJ 17:41 19 Mar 2004

I'll try that again click here

  LastChip 18:07 19 Mar 2004

First EMM386 is a Memory Manager that often loads with the operating system.

In your case, I don't think it's happening.

First, check where the file emm386 is, probably in C:\Windows. Then open up the file config.sys (it's in the root of C:) in WordPad or similar and see if you have the line;


Clearly, if the path to your emm386 file is not as above, substitute the correct path.

If that line is not there, add it to the file, save and exit.

Reboot the machine and see if that clears the error.

The other part of the error is tied into your sound card, a SB16 I think. But I think this may also be tied in turn to the emm386 error, so try that first and then come back and let us know the result.

  skell 18:44 19 Mar 2004

Ok ive typed in c:\config.sys in note pad but the file was not found. does this meen the file has been lost or deleted

  LastChip 18:53 19 Mar 2004

Open up Windows Explorer and see if the file exists for starters.

Interestingly, I tried a "Find" c:\config.sys in NotePad and it too said it couldn't find it, even though it's there!

If you confirm it's there, use WordPad and go to File; Open; and browse to the file, then open it.

  skell 19:11 19 Mar 2004

doesnt look like i have it i cant find config.sys in windows explorer. i done a file search for emm386 and it found it but it opens up in a dos format. i also found it in a folder called window.mis retyped the line and save but still the same.

  LastChip 19:26 19 Mar 2004

Have you selected Show Hidden Files?

To do this, open Windows Explorer and go to, View; Folder Options; View; and then under the Hidden Files section, mark the Show all files option.

Now see if you can find the config.sys file.

  skell 19:31 19 Mar 2004

at start in run i typed msconfig and config.sys was available there when opend there are no lines to edit .

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