Error in MFC42.DLL

  [DELETED] 00:54 28 Aug 2003

When I try to open Paint in Accessories I keep getting the following message - Mspaint has caused an error in MFC42.DLL and will now close.How do I rectify the problem?

  [DELETED] 02:59 28 Aug 2003

The problem may be related to a new application or device driver replacing your existing MFC42.DLL file. Follow these instructions below:You will need to replace this file with the original MFC42.DLL from your Windows* installation CD.

Note that other programs that replaced your version of the MFC42.DLLfile may now be inoperable. You will have to contact the vendor of
that product to resolve the version conflict between the original Microsoft*Windows* version and the file they supplied.There are two possible methods of replacing the original file:


1. Run the System Information (MSINFO32.EXE) from Start Run.

2. In the "Tools" menu select "System File Checker".

3.Select the second option "Extract one file from disk"

4. Enter the name of the file (MFC42.DLL). 5. System File Checker will restore the right
file, and (if you chooseto) back up the old one.

B. (Use this method if you do not have the MSINFO32.EXE file.)

1. Rename the MFC42.DLL file in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM sub-directory. This will have to be done in MS-DOS* mode.

You can use the name MFC42.OLDif it is not already there.

2. Extract the original MFC42.DLL from the Microsoft* Windows* CD. Forinformation how to do this, please go to Start > Help > Find tab, usingthe phrase: "To extract system files from your installation disks "

3. After extracting this file, copy it into your \WINDOWS\SYSTEMdirectory.

4. Then reboot the machine

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