error in MFC 42.DLL

  colin-208683 15:19 10 Feb 2004

I try to open my Paint Shop pro 7 programme and all I get is "PSP has caused error in MFC 42.DLL
PSP will now close".
I have tried re installing but the problem will not go away.
Please Any help appreciated

  JIM 15:39 10 Feb 2004

Try extracting a new copy of the Mfc42.dll file from your Windows 98 Cd/rom into the Windows\System folder using the System File
Checker tool.

  ventanas 15:51 10 Feb 2004

From the digitalworkshop site: might help.

I receive an MFC42.dll error when trying to launch Paint Shop Pro.
Summary Paint Shop Pro, as well as most WINDOWS programs, uses certain shared system files to run. One of these files is called MFC42.dll. This file is part of the "Microsoft Foundation Classes" (MFC) and is used by many programs. When Paint Shop Pro is installed it looks at the MFC42.dll file on your system to see if it is the correct version. If it is of the correct version (or higher) the installation program leaves it alone. If it is of a lower version than what is required the installation will replace it. However, if there is another program running on your computer that uses the MFC42.dll file during the installation, then WINDOWS will deny access to Paint Shop Pro installation to replace that file. Paint Shop Pro will simply move on with the installation. If this occurs, then when Paint Shop Pro is launched it will report an error about a missing or corrupt ordinal or export file. This is because that file is the wrong version.
Solution What you need to do is use START>>FIND>>FILES OR FOLDERS and search your c: drive for mfc42.dll. rename all copies that are found to MFC42.BAK. After all files are renamed, reinstall Paint Shop Pro. If WINDOWS does not allow you to rename all of the MFC42.dll's, rename what you can and do the following.

Go to START>SHUTDOWN and select RESTART IN MS-DOS MODE. This will bring your to the c:\WINDOWS prompt. Type in CD SYSTEM and strike enter on the keyboard. Then type RENAME Mfc42.dll Mfc42.OLD and strike enter again. Then type in EXIT. WINDOWS will restart and bring you back to your normal start up screen. It may give you an error that c:\windows\system\mfc42.dll is missing, ignore this message, just click OK. Then reinstall Paint Shop Pro and try to run it again. If this does not work feel free to contact us again.

  SEASHANTY 16:21 10 Feb 2004


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