error messages and winme

  jyppo 11:43 19 Apr 2003

Just a comment on a recent problem i had with my screens and numerous crashes.Thanks to all who helped by the way.After thinking long and hard ( about an hour actually..long for me )i decide to reset to factory settings and try a different tack.I had read on here somewhere about someone who had never actually installed any critical updates and had trouble free operating for 3 one point i had become obssessed with updating drivers etc and probably because im not experienced enough these caused a lot of the problems i came across. i only use the pc for web browsing and occasional games..i dont plan on taking it to the moon so ive left well alone of these updates and every thing is hunky dory so far.I think the moral is if its not broke leave the bugger alone..or if you dont know what your doing dont do it.thanks again to all who posted help messages...jyppo 14:29 19 Apr 2003

that some of those updates cover security holes that have been found. I have ME, and have always downloaded every update. The only problems I have had, were always caused by a new application or software being loaded. The problems stopped when these were uninstalled. One of these, funny enough, was Norton AV.
I suppose it's like anything else, someone is always having trouble with their new car, or washing machine. Even though they are all off the same production line. Funny old game innit?

  jyppo 14:58 19 Apr 2003

i wont forget barry just leaving it for a couple of weeks..a couple of suspects for my troubles were an update for directx and windows media player9 which didnt come with an uninstall..when i feel confident enough i will do all the critical updates.will just have to avoid temptation and leave the software updates alone.thanks again..jyppo 23:59 19 Apr 2003

about Media player being the culprit, a past member had a lot of trouble over the update.
It is one I never bothered with as I dont use it that often. Good luck.

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