error messages when installing ms dos or 16 bit

  2CV6 18:21 23 Nov 2004

Hi when installing my disk for the digital camera after an xp upgrade, I cant get it to load. The pc accepts all the files but I now have to instal and it won't do it with the error box stating msdos and 16 bit progs not able to run or instal. Some one told me how to fix this problem with knowledge base write up. I need to access %systemroot%\system folder, config.nt file, autoexec .nt file, file, but cannot find them. Help please to locate. 2cv6

  VoG II 18:24 23 Nov 2004

%systemroot% is C:\windows

assuming that your boot drive letter is C:

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 23 Nov 2004




  2CV6 19:23 23 Nov 2004

Thanks for the info, I'll let you know if this kb article works ok. 2cv6

  2CV6 19:59 23 Nov 2004

Hi no progress yet.
I found config.nt in win\sys32 folder and am to copy it and paste to sys32 folder where it came from??????????
Cannot locate autoexec.nt, which has to go into sys32 folder and also cannot find to do the same. They dont seem to be in the sys32 folder [big isn't it] Also the file has to be expanded before being pasted to the sys32 folder. Don't know how to do this.Where would it end up to be able to be found. I can send the kb article number if you wish. Thanks 2cv6.

  VoG II 20:06 23 Nov 2004

KB article is click here ?

Can you find autoexec.nt in C:\Windows\repair ?

If you can, copy it into C:\windows\system32

  2CV6 20:43 23 Nov 2004

Hi VoG, That's the article ok, but it has me so confused. I thought things were logical, but apparently not. Yes the 2 files config.nt and autoexec.nt are in the repair folder. What do I do now? what do I do about expanding the file and where can I find it?. The disc with xp on doesn't work, so it seems, as sp2 is installed. All this has happened because I upgraded to xp and the Ricoh digital camera wouldn't work.Can't figure out why the disk won't download like it did with 98se and winme.2cv6

  VoG II 20:47 23 Nov 2004

Try just copying the config.nt and autoexec.nt from the Repair folder to the System32 folder. To do this, for each file in turn, Right click on it, select Copy. Go to the System32 folder, right click in a blank area and select Paste.

Check if that fixes it.

  sattman 20:50 23 Nov 2004

Have you seen this ? articleclick here

  2CV6 21:31 23 Nov 2004

Hi Sattman, tried all these downloads, unzipped them but they will not download to the pc programme for Ricoh rdc6000 camera. Will go ahead with VoG IDEA. tHANKS. 2CV6

  2CV6 21:37 23 Nov 2004

Hi VoG, the 2 files are now in the system 32 folder. Now, how do we find and expand the file. Thanks 2cv6

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