Error messages and cannot start up my desk top

  tlcgoodmom 16:46 27 Apr 2010

I keep getting explor.exe and svs error messages and they tell me they have to terminate. then press ok.... I can't get my desketop to start up. I did use control alt delete and removed all the programs that are no longer important to free up some memory, but that didn't seem to help

  Rahere 16:56 27 Apr 2010

Assuming XP :

Start the PC from cold.
Press the power button
Keep tapping the f8 button on keyboard
a screen should appear with start up options
choose Safe mode

see if the PC gets to the Safe Mode desktop, if it does that's good as you haven't a major problem.
Close down, wait ofr a minute or two and restart using same procedure but choose Last Known Good option.

Hopefully this will restore your PC, otherwise come back to us here.

  tlcgoodmom 17:18 27 Apr 2010

Got the same error message.
The instruction at "0x71ab6a55" referenced memory at"0x71ab6a55". The memory could not be "read"
Click ok to termnate the program

Then when I click ok.. I keep getting those, just sometimes with different numbers.

thanks for the try...

any other ideas?

  Rahere 17:49 28 Apr 2010

Oh dear sounds like you have a corrupt XP OS or failing hardware.

Unless anyone else has any suggestions you are going to have to repair or reinstall the XP installation. I'd recommend the latter provided you have all the discs to reinstall programs...

First you need to backup your disc - can you remove it and attach to another PC or external hard drive drive?

If that's an issue try using a Linux live CD which will allow you access to the files and an external drive too.

Copy everything in C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My documents folder over to the external drive - when you have reinstalled you can copy those back, most setting will be as you had them before.

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