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  jackplane 22:54 13 Oct 2003

I have recently installed Windows ME, I did have Win98se.
I now keep getting error messages saying error in Kernel 32 and also error in Fat32 file,can someone please tell me whats going on here as the programs shut down when I have to close the error window,and what is Kernel 32 and Fat32 files??.
I have been told that Windows ME is an unstable O/S and that its like a spoilt brat, if it doesn't like something it will pick up its ball and go home.
I have tried to reinstall Win98se but it seems that some ME files are not being removed when reformatting and this could be the reason for the conflicts.

  yuffy 23:02 13 Oct 2003

Fat 32 is your file system. ME is a bit moody go for win2K. As for kernal 32 read link below.
Not a solution that you are probably looking to hear but if you write the error message down & type it into google detailing your OS.

click here

  LastChip 23:04 13 Oct 2003

Was it a clean install on a newly formatted drive, or was it installed as an upgrade?

  LastChip 01:21 16 Oct 2003

"Hi sorry I've not got back to you sooner , been away, it was an upgrade from Win98se to Me. I checked the box that the ME disc came in and it is an upgrade, how can I remove all the ME files that keep getting left on the drive so as to have a clean reinstall of Win 98se??.
I'm not a computer wiz so any help would have be step by step."

If you formatted the drive, there would be no files left on the drive at all, therefore, whether you choose to install Win98se or ME will make no difference - the drive would be clean.

It is important to use the appropriate floppy startup disk for which ever version you decide to install, as they are based on different versions of DOS. If you have the facility on your system to boot direct from the CD, you could start straight from there, but you would need to know how to setup your BIOS to accept the CD as the FIRST boot device. If you don't know how to do that, further explanation will be necessary.

To go back to your original comments about ME, I run it on two of my four machine here, and have found it to be very stable indeed. However, it does seem to depend upon the machine it is on, as a search here will reveal, many cannot get it to run reliably at all.

Are you sure you formatted your drive? I am puzzled about files left on the drive; there wont be any; it isn't possible!

To format your C: drive, bootup with a floppy Startup disk to a DOS prompt, which will look something like this A:> Now at the prompt type the following exactly;

format C:

Notice the space between the t and C. When asked if you really want to, select y and press "Enter". Clearly, as you are going to loose ALL your files, anything you need should be backed up onto floppy or CD before you carry this out. If you are putting the system somewhere other than C:, then just subtitute the letter.

Once the formatting is complete reboot and select "Start with CD RM support". When at the DOS prompt type;


and press "Enter". The startup files will now be copied to your hard drive, and most importantly, a virtual drive will be created. This will have the effect of shifting your CD drive letter, one "space" forward. In other words, if it's normally D: it will become (temporarily) E:

So once the loading of the startup files is complete and you are returned to a DOS prompt, type the letter of your CD drive followed by a colon, for example, if it's E:


and press enter. Now type setup again, press Enter, and the CD should run and load your system.

If you choose to load ME, you can run it "clean" and all that will happen is that at some stage during the loading process, it will ask for your '98se disk as varification of your upgrade status.

Finally, please could you keep questions on the thread, then whoever is available can help you resolve the problem, and it allows others to refer to the thread for information as well, thank you.

Hope this (rather long) explanation helps.

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