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Error message saying address and password wrong

  Smudge120 10:57 01 Jul 2020

I use Firefox and have a GMX email address. It has worked correctly since I set it up. On SaturdayI found I could not sign in. Kept getting an error message to say my email address and/or password are not correct. These are the ones I have always used and have not been changed. Have contacted GMX using another ISP. But they only send an automated reply. Have tried following the instructions but it has not solved the problem. Any advice much appreciated.

  wee eddie 11:34 01 Jul 2020

While this may not clear the problem, sometimes it does.

Clear the Cookies and while you're at it have a go at the Registry. I use the free version of CCleaner for this

  Govan1x 12:13 01 Jul 2020

If downloading C Cleaner look out for the crap-ware that comes with it. Most of the downloads from that company come with the same bloatware.

Maybe someone knows a website that you can download it from without the extra crap thrown in.

Like wee eddie says it is quite a good program to have.

Myself i just use the Disk Clean up tool provided with Windows as my security programs stop me from downloading C Cleaner. I could by pass my security warnings but not sure if it is worth the bother.

  Govan1x 12:25 01 Jul 2020


I have had quite a few problems connecting to some company's Like British Gas etc and get the same problems as yourself. Just started getting those problems after updating Firefox a couple of different times. it was always on my mind that it was a Firefox problem but not sure.

I always write my username and passwords down and sometimes save them on Firefox and Chrome as well.

Checking them when i get the, saying address and password wrong. I have the correct address and passwords but they will not be accepted. Not sure what's going wrong but I am not going to change them to get on to a website when i know that I have entered them correctly.

  wee eddie 12:43 01 Jul 2020

Govan1x: As far as I know, no crap comes from CCleaner if you download from Piriform's Website but they do ask you if you'd like to download their Owning Companies Antivirus.

Of course, if you decide to download from a Third-Party Website, one should expect them to try to make some money, somehow. In other words, by including PUP's, which is why I have Unchecky running whenever I download any Software/Apps

  Secret-Squirrel 12:57 01 Jul 2020

I use Firefox............

1) Try a different web browser. Your computer will have Internet Explorer if nothing else.

2) Type your email address and password into a Notepad window to make sure that your keyboard's working properly and the caps-lock is off.

3) Click here to change your GMX password.

If you still can't login then

  Smudge120 16:38 01 Jul 2020

Thank you for your replies. I didn't realize that GMX had sent a six figure code to my mobile which I had to put in to a box in one of the emails they had sent me. Have changed the password so it is now all systems go.

  Govan1x 21:13 01 Jul 2020

It is still annoying knowing that you have the correct password etc and it is not accepted. Wonder why that happens.

Glad you got it sorted. Make sure you keep a copy of it.

  wee eddie 21:18 01 Jul 2020

Govan1x: I quite agree with you. I keep Cryptic copies of all my Passwords and this sort of thing happens to me half a dozen times a year. No idea why

  Govan1x 07:47 02 Jul 2020

Yes it is most annoying wee eddie especially when you are in a hurry and you get password or username is not correct when you know it is.

Maybe someone will be able to give us an explanation why it happens.

  fazilo 18:36 03 Jul 2020

When you visit a website, it will sometimes save (or remember) certain information. Cookies save a user’s browsing data (with their consent), and cache helps webpages load more quickly by remembering images, videos, and other parts of the webpage from the last visit instead of needing to rerender everything with each visit.

When you clear your cache and cookies, all of this information gets deleted. That means that any passwords you’ve entered on a website will need to be reentered, and the load time of previously visited sites will increase because it needs to download every packet of data from the webpage again.

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