Error message "cannot start DSR application"

  bumpkin 14:15 27 Mar 2015

I am getting the above error message which is preceded by "The security key is not found" Had this before and a reboot would normally fix it but since I have changed the mobo it will not. Using Win 7 and as far as I know the reffered to security key is stored in a chip on the PCI board, it is not something I could enter even if I knew it. It is an old PCI board used for CCTV. Had a good Google and others have encountered this but can not find a solution specific to my system.

Any suggestions.

  northumbria61 15:21 27 Mar 2015

Bumpkin - Used for CCTV you say? Did you originally have software installed for this? Have you tried re-installing it from CD/DVD or running the set-up.exe file located on your computer

  bumpkin 15:45 27 Mar 2015

I do have software for it which I have installed from the original disk. The problem is that the software was written for XP or lower. I did have it working in 7 using compatability. I have searched for the proper W7 drivers but unable to find any. I don't mind buying a new card but I did like the one I was using as it did everthing required easily once set up.

I think the problem is that the s/ware cannnot read the key from the PCI board rather than the DSR issue but I may be wrong. .

  bumpkin 15:47 27 Mar 2015

To add, I think the new mobo or proccesor cannnot find the key where the previous one did.

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