Error Message. Just instaled new graphics card.

  yuffy 08:16 23 Oct 2003

When rebooting I get the following message.
cannot find C:\winnt\system32\nvcpl.ddl
I have recently installed a radeon 9800. the previous card was an nvidia integrated card.
When installing I enabled VGA, then using control panel add/remove programms, removed the nvidia driver. Shut down checked the bios to see if there was an option to disable the integrated driver there wasn't nor was there an option to enable the AGP slot.
Then installed the new card loaded drivers 7 it works perfectly, except for this irritating messsage when rebooting the PC.

  Jester2K II 08:25 23 Oct 2003

Goto click here and look for amprogram like Detonator RIP to remove all remnants of the NVidia Drivers and registry settings. theres a registry entry left behind looking for a file that no longer exists...

  yuffy 09:24 23 Oct 2003

Cheers M8

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