Error message during boot up

  soundman 19:38 05 Oct 2004

When I switch on my PC I get a message "invalid disk parameters", if I press Enter it then contiues and starts loading Windows XP Home.

I had to install a new hard drive anyway but this hasn't helped, I then reinstalled Windows XP which didn't help either.

Does this mean the problem lies in the BIOS.



  R4 19:44 05 Oct 2004

Go into the Bios (press DEL during first boot screen) and check that the HDD are being recognised correctly or set the setting to Auto this is normally the first Bios page.

  Cuddles 19:45 05 Oct 2004

Your hard drive settings are not correct in the bios, what jumper settings do you use on the drive?

  Gongoozler 19:47 05 Oct 2004

Have you checked that your BIOS is correctly detecting your drive paramters? When the computer is booting up, press the Delete key to get into BIOS setup and see what is being reported for each of your drives.

  soundman 19:53 05 Oct 2004

I had checked BIOS and both Hard Drives are set to Auto Detect....I have C drive as Master and D drive as Slave.

I also have two dvd drives, could either of these be generating this error message ??

  Cuddles 21:03 05 Oct 2004

You should not have both dvd drives on the same ide channel, "C" should be master on primary ide with a dvd drive as slave and "d" drive as master on secondary ide with second dvd drive as slave

  soundman 21:10 05 Oct 2004

ok thanks for your help...... will try re allocating drives as you suggest

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