Error Message Disabling OE

  dublincity 20:20 14 Nov 2003

I recently had an Error Message in my OE 6.0 that all but diabled the system (I'm on Win XP Pro). Whenever it appeared I had no option but to re-boot. I narrowed the problem down to a particular e.mail (a web-page that I'd posted to myself). I managed to isolate it in the 'Deleted' box but then could neither open nor empty that since clicking brought up the Error Message again. I overcame the problem when I went -- > Tools -- > Options and keyed in 'Empty Deleted Folder Upon Exit'. The problem is back again caused by yet another e.mailed web-page. This time I have isolated it in the 'Sent' folder and have saved everything else outside OE. There appears to be a facility in Options -- > Maintenance that allows for all OE folders to be emptied. However, I tried the three possible methods and none has removed the single item in the Sent box that is causing all the trouble. My OE is still usable provided I don't click on that box. Any help will be greatly appreciated

  dublincity 21:03 14 Nov 2003

Many Thanks, Brian - it worked!

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