Error Message from Bullguard about Firewall

  ponytail 10:14 20 Oct 2013

When my wife turns on her laptop she keeps getting this message. Your computer is at risk as Bullguard firewall is not turned on even though it is.Went onto Bullguard live support and this is part of the chat.They want me to do a screenshot of the message the next time it appears and something about going into pint and pasting it.Can someone explain the procedure from pressing the print key to attaching it to a email.When I press the print key where does what I have printed end up ie where do I find it and then what do I do.This is all new to meHow to do

  Pine Man 10:24 20 Oct 2013

When you press the print key a copy of whatever is displayed on your desktop is saved to the clipboard.

To access this image open something like paint and select paste from the drop down menu. You should now see the image of your desktop in the paint program. Save this as a file and then merely attach that file to your email. Methods of attaching to emails can differ but just look for the attach command.

  ponytail 12:49 20 Oct 2013

Hi Pine Man Thanks for your reply I have got as far as going into paint clicking control + V which brings up my print where do I click on to save as a file

  ponytail 12:55 20 Oct 2013

Hi Again Pine Man have now found the save icon and it works fine thanks again

  Pine Man 15:55 20 Oct 2013

A pleasure!

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