error message on bootup

  bilko55 11:26 02 Aug 2003

I downloaded a worm into my system, which I got rid of. However, when I boot up I get this message
cannot find C:\windows\system32\system32.exe
after closing this box everything works fine. Can you help?

  Gaz 25 11:35 02 Aug 2003

I think it means a system repair or reformat.

You have deleted a system file, or your AV has.

You might need to reinstall.

  Gaz 25 11:36 02 Aug 2003

You might be able to get a copy of the file though.

Is the file on your system at all?

  DieSse 11:36 02 Aug 2003

This is a remnant of the virus - there should be no system32.exe - the command to load the virus (which is not in itself a virus) is still in your system - though not doing any harm, as it cannot find the virus file to load (hence the message).

Use Start - Run msconfig to go to the list of programs set to start up as the system starts, look for the line that tries to do this load, and untick it.

  DieSse 11:39 02 Aug 2003

There is no file system32.exe - search your own system and you won't find one. The virus uses this name to make it look like a system file.

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