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  Tigerlily 10:53 25 Apr 2003

I have windows 98se, when i boot up system i get an error message " GetModuleFileName" Can anyone explain how i can stop this please.


  LastChip 13:17 25 Apr 2003

Go to Start; Run; and type the command


This will run system file check, and all you have to do is follow the on screen prompts.

Have your Win 98se CD ROM handy, as if you have corrupted files, you may need to insert the CD to enable the repair.

If it doesn't work, please post back with the approximate date, when the system was working correctly, and I may be able to give you an alternative option.

Let us know how you get on please.

  Tigerlily 19:25 25 Apr 2003

Hi Lastchip, i tried what you suggested but nothing showed up. It scanned and more or less said there were no problems with corrupt files. I'm sorry but i really couldn't tell you when my system last worked correctly, not even a rough guess, I have put up with it for so long but i decided today to try and get my system back up to scratch and everything is going haywire. :-( Thanks for trying to help though

  LastChip 20:57 25 Apr 2003

Can you expand on that please?

Can you remember if this error message showed up after an installation of a new program for example?

  woodchip 21:12 25 Apr 2003

You could try running Win98 over it's self. But you need to disable Anti Virus first. just put Win98 CD in and run Setup

  Rtus 21:18 25 Apr 2003

click here may help

  Tigerlily 10:02 27 Apr 2003

sorry i can't remember when this first went wrong at all, i just know it was last year but a lot of awful things happened at hat time so that it was a bonus that my pc actually worked at all!! As to @[email protected] i couldn't run scandisk or anything but now i have solved that problem so its just this error message now.

Rtus i followed that link but i am no wiser, was it telling me to do something to solve my problem. Sorry for being a thicko

  Rtus 12:33 27 Apr 2003

My apologies I thought it may have led to more understanding of error message. I do know weve dealt with it before here but cannot find the posting.But thats down to my memory as to the thread title.Microsoft seem to have thinned out their support pages for W98.So not much joy there .And to top it off Im losing Isp every few minutes Making search and posting difficult for me ..However will keep trying .Back later.....

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