Error message

  Hetti 16:19 16 Jun 2010

I have IE 8 and Firefox I rarely use IE8.
Im getting this message randomly with no browsers open,even when I play a game I have downloaded onto my desktop.

Exception EAccesViolition in module L case.DLL at 0000B75. Acces violition at address 01E3B775 in module 'L CASE.DLL'. read of address 0000000.

I tried searching but got no results

  gengiscant 17:38 16 Jun 2010

As far as I can make out it is an error in an installed program, unfortunately I cannot figure out which it might be.
If this is a recent problem,it might be worth looking at what you have installed recently and perhaps removing them one by one and see if that helps.It might well be a game.

  woodchip 17:48 16 Jun 2010

I would say that a dll is trying to access already allocated memory space

  lotvic 17:49 16 Jun 2010

Have you looked in 'Event Viewer'? that might give some further clues to what it is.

What OS have you got? XP, Vista, W7 ?

  woodchip 17:55 16 Jun 2010

Some Dll tools to fix click here

  woodchip 17:57 16 Jun 2010

Also read this click here

  Hetti 19:15 16 Jun 2010

I have Vista OS, dont know anything abt event veiwer I looked at it but didnt see anything that made sense to me (not suprising)

As I was typing this post a window appeared of its own accord asking to install IE8 I installed it again hoping it may help the problem, is this likely?

I have installed a game from yahoo it is on my desktop and I got the message at least once when i played the game, so maybe this is the culprit.I will uninstall that now, see how it goes.

  lotvic 19:29 16 Jun 2010

gengiscant seems to be on the right track then about the newly installed progs and a game.

Let us all know how you get on.

  Hetti 17:45 19 Jun 2010

I did unistall the game from Yahoo and the PC was OK until today, I left the laptop for an hour (nothing running except programes that would start at boot up) and when I returned the same message was there.

  woodchip 17:53 19 Jun 2010

Go to run, type REGEDIT press enter go to top of page under edit press find then type
L case.DLL
press enter to see if it finds it, if it does right click on it and delete it, press F3 to go to next search for the above until you get to end of Regedit then reboot

  woodchip 17:59 19 Jun 2010

You can also do a search in windows for the above and delete it. As it only started after you installed the Game it should not be needed

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