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  Green Army 14:10 03 Sep 2008

I have a netgear DG834GT modem router that works well most of the time, but every so often I can’t connect to the internet. I get the following error message when i do a network diagnosis with windows Vista

Windows confirmed that “Primary DNS Server” is currently online, but is not responding to connection attempts at this time

When I go on to the router setup page
I have no i.p address
No ip subnet mask
No gateway i.p address
And no domain name server

  brundle 19:12 03 Sep 2008

What does the internet light on the router do when this occurs? Flash? Turn amber? Your primary DNS server is most likely to be the router itself, so Vista detects it but as the router has dropped the connection it's not passing on the actual DNS information as it normally would. Network diagnostics on the PC itself generally are not required if your PC still has an IP address - the connection between your router and PC is working, it's the connection between router and ISP that has failed.

  Green Army 20:37 03 Sep 2008

i will take otes next time and let you know

  Green Army 19:27 12 Sep 2008

it has happened a lot today and the lights on the router are all green and flashing

  brundle 16:42 14 Sep 2008

How long has it been doing that? Has your broadband speed been increased lately? What are your line-stats when the router is connected successfully? click here

  Green Army 23:31 14 Sep 2008

it has been happening a lot over the last two weeks. i have been having the problem on and off for the last 3-4 months.
i will look when i get home in the morning and post my results,

  Green Army 14:41 15 Sep 2008

system status report is as follows
Connection speed 5648kbps(downstream) 443kbps(upstream)

line attenuation 37.5bd(ds) 22.5(us)
noise margin 2.5db(ds) 25.2 (up
no idea what this means

  brundle 16:08 15 Sep 2008

Noise margin downstream is poor, ought to be at least 6dB, your other figures are fine and speed is pretty good. I'm not an expert on ADSL or line stats, but the usual things to try are checking /every/ device in the property has a working filter attached, disconnecting every device and checking for improvements in the stats and reliablility of the line - this thread might help; click here

Dipso's contributions are the ones to read

  Green Army 18:30 16 Sep 2008

was reading the link you gave and it mentioned winscok so reset that and all seems well now (touch wood) thanks for your time brundle

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