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  pj1664 12:08 23 Oct 2007

Hi Guys, Lately my sons computer has been developing a fault, it just tends to restart by itself and sometimes it just goes in a loop (keeps stating without actually booting the pc to windows desktop) I tought I fixed the problem by removing the sound card and its drivers but it seems to be happening again, so I decided to reinstall windows but a blue page came up saying "File Win32.sys is not found or corrupt" "Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area" and at the bottom it has all these numbers -
STOP: 0x00000050(0x8CF86635,0x00000001,0xF8662F87,0x00000000)
What does it all mean and How can there be a fault in a non paged fault? Appreciate if anyone can help me bring this pc up and running without anymore faults. Thanks.

  crosstrainer 12:19 23 Oct 2007

Boot from your Windows cd / dvd?

You don't say which operating system you are using, but if you want to performa clean install:
1) access your BIOS screen (usually by pressing the DEL key as the machine starts)

2) Set the boot sequence to "boot from cd / dvd first"

3) Insert your Windows disk in the drive

4) re-boot and follow the instructions for a clean install

Bear in mind you will lose all data on your drives.

I would re-install the sound card before installation, as this removing it didn't solve your problem.

  pj1664 12:30 23 Oct 2007

Hi crosstrainer, Thanks for your input, I have tried installing with my OS cd but thats when the error comes up after the Drive has been formatted, Mind you I am actually doing a quick format, Will that make a different? I am trying to reinstall winxp media edition with 512Ram x2 processor 3Ghz. Shoud I do a full format, which might take longer I think, I was told in the past to just do a quick format if you are intalling windows. Any help would be great.

  crosstrainer 12:33 23 Oct 2007

Full format, also delete all partitions on the drive first. The CD will give you this option.

  pj1664 12:51 23 Oct 2007

Thanks, I will do a Full format and get back to you regarding the outcome, this might take a while, so if you dont hear from me it will just be that I am still doing the installation.

  pj1664 14:13 23 Oct 2007

Ok Its loaded and now I have to install all the relevent drivers, do you know what the 3rd cd is for in he media edition, its not ask me for it during installation, and if I do recall it never asked for it even the last time I installed it,(This is a new copy of windows media edition, I only bought it last month)never actually had a chance to use it properly due to all the errors.

  crosstrainer 14:21 23 Oct 2007

Gives you the info you need, As I recall the third cd contains the TV stuff etc, stick it in and see, you don't have to install anything you don't want or need.

The Oem copy comes on one DVD which could explain why you have the three cds.

Glad you got up and running again, must have been a corrupt mbr. Any probs post back.

  crosstrainer 17:22 23 Oct 2007

Forgot the link:

click here

  pj1664 21:43 25 Oct 2007

Hi crosstrainer, I just want to say thank you. So far things are looking good, I just want to thank you for your help and sorry 4 the late reply, been busy with work.

  crosstrainer 06:42 26 Oct 2007


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