Error message

  Hetti 10:34 27 Mar 2005

When I try to use radio on my PC I get the error message........."Tapisrv hads caused an Error in Tapisrv.Exe, Tapisrv will now close, if you continue experience prob , restart your Pc.

  john-232317 11:26 27 Mar 2005

Just googled this but dont know anything about it sorry.... click here

  Danoh 11:48 27 Mar 2005

Were you using Media Player to play digital radio stations? If so, which version - M-Player 9 or 10?

  Danoh 11:50 27 Mar 2005

Also, are you using Windows XP or Windows 98/Me? Found the following for 98/Me; click here;en-us;306424

  Danoh 11:52 27 Mar 2005

Sorry for that link. Lets see if it works if I place it between quotation marks, which you will need to remove before copy'n'pasting into your browsers URL window, of course.

"click here;en-us;306424"

  Danoh 11:54 27 Mar 2005

Or use the partial link, click on "Search (Knowledge Base)" and copy & past in "306424".

  Hetti 12:01 27 Mar 2005

Hi Danho

Im using win ME, and when i click on help in media player I get version

  Hetti 12:36 27 Mar 2005

forgot to say this message was appearing whenmy hubby was trying to use the liove commentery on the Willian Hill site, but it also happened when I tried to click on a link to listen to music

  Wuggy 23:02 27 Mar 2005

Try updating to latest version of Media PLayer.

  Danoh 22:20 28 Mar 2005

Sorry for the delayed response ~ Easter and all that..

Did u manage to see that MS Knowledge base article which would apply to you as you have Windows ME?

This behavior can occur if one or more of the Telephony application programming interface (TAPI) components is damaged."

The article tells you how to rename the existing TAPI components and copy the originals back from your CD disc for Windows ME.

Note that it implies your problem is to do with telephone/modem software components. If you use dial-up internet connections, then it would confirm that, rather than anything to do with MS Media Player.

If you are using a dial-up connection, you will find the sound-only streaming to be very poor as the bandwidth is simply not good enough for any sort of clarity to render it useful or even a pleasure.

Hope that helps.

  Hetti 14:44 29 Mar 2005

Yes I did look at the MS knowledge base and I gathered (althought the error message is not exactly the same as the one I was getting) that the problem is the modem, I use broadband so can It still mean the modem is at fault?

Im a bit reluctant to try to rename the RAPI components (Not that confident)
The sound is OK when the PC starts up and on some other sites ie POGO, It seems to be Live commentry and music, doe's that comfirm to you that it is the modem?

I can update media player, nothing to lose, Ill give it a go

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