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  [DELETED] 12:10 20 Sep 2003

Pc booted into safe mode, tried to restore but message said system restore is unable to protect your computer.

Tried to reinstall window ME but did not complete.

managed to get it back up by limiting the ini and vxd files at startup.

A file was missing WINSPOOL.DRV which I have copied form other pc.

System comes up but crashes, error OE: 016F:BFF8E64B
RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault Kernal32.dll

Anyone got any ideas what has happened - could it be a virus - AVG won't run for some reason.


  [DELETED] 13:15 20 Sep 2003

to find out first if you have a virus,and as your AVG won't run,go online to the link and let Trend antivirus scan your system.Will take a little while to scan. Then post back.

click here

  [DELETED] 14:12 20 Sep 2003

Thanks Jim for your suggestion - at the time I couldn't connect to the internet either.
Anyway it's sorted - not sure how though - it seemed to fix itself. Downloaded AVG again and system is all clean.

Had to run the network wizard again.

I'll keep your link for future reference.


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