Error logging on

  Nyck 21:33 13 Oct 2004

When logging on to XP my missus gets the following error message

Error loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSA64CHK
Invalid access to memory location

Clicking OK gets rid of the message.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

The other two users on the same system don't get the message.


  Diodorus Siculus 21:41 13 Oct 2004

Does it add .dll to the end of the message?

May be a spyware issue - try some of these:

click here
AdAware click here
SB click here
CWS click here

  JIM 22:08 13 Oct 2004

I believe you may have a problem and there could be other related files that may be on your system.

Have a search (in find files)to see if it shows up,you may have to change your view folder options to show all hidden/systems files.

Diodorus Siculus advice i would take and it would also be worth looking at the link for more detailed information if standard spyware programs do not succeed.

click here

  Nyck 23:30 13 Oct 2004

Yeah there is a .dll ending to the message.

I've run AdAware and Spybot with no success.

When I search for this file I find it in the System32 folder.

I'll try the other spyware programs you suggest tomorrow.


  Nyck 20:59 14 Oct 2004

I've tried all the suggested spyware programs.
The Bazooka scanner detected the possible culprit, Mostrar dialer. I removed what I found via their instructions (Bazooka doesn't detect the problem anymore) but the message still appears, although it has changed to
The specified module could not be found.

Any further help please?


  JIM 21:44 14 Oct 2004

i take it that you have not tried to clean up by manual process yet? You may have to at least have a look in the registry to see if any items are there.Not as bad as you might think,just take your time and look at what is asked for."If it is ther"---You do have a Systems backup to help if in trouble.Systems/restore plus others etc.

You will have to delete the C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSA64CHK.DLL from the windows folder and also the msapasrc.dll to,if on your system.But do follow the link posted info for the registry before hand.

The Mostrar dialer is the culprit if on your system,so you will have to clean up the rest.If you need "more directions/clearer"for editing the registry than what is shown via the link, i could lay it out for you.

  Nyck 22:22 14 Oct 2004

I have tried editing the registry following the instructions on the Kephyr site. However I couldn't find the items they list. I did delete the MSA64CHK.ddl folder but couldn't find the msapasrc.dll.
When I search the deleted folder is no longer found but I still get the message.
If you can help further I'd appreciate it.


  JIM 23:28 14 Oct 2004

Get the latest version (Current version, 1.98.2) of Hijackthis from,

click here

Install,Run/scan the program and look "ONLY" to see if there is a entry similar to below.Showing some reference to MSA64CHK.DLL or others.

I would save a log file of the scan in-case you have other items to worry about. Dont go deleting items with the program untill log is show to someone to look at first.If you know the program, fair enough you could deal with that item etc.

(Look for similar entry)

O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [DownloadMP3] rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSA64CHK.DLL,DllMostrar Matrix_HTML:DownloadMP3:t

  curlylad 01:47 15 Oct 2004

I am surprised none of the linked programs have got rid for you.I wonder if downloading the dll file in question i.e. replacing it would help ?
some of the more experienced hands here will let you know but if you need the file you can get it here click here scroll down the files until you see msa64chk.dll , as I said though confirm with forum experienced guys first.

  Nyck 20:26 15 Oct 2004

I've run Hyjackthis but again nothing suspicious appeared. What do you guys think about Curlylad's suggestion to download the .dll file and start again?


  stalion 20:37 15 Oct 2004

try a scan with this click here

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