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  cchelp 10:25 06 Nov 2008

I have Vista home premium operating system and on entering my account I receive four separate error messages - Sample as follows;

Every time I log into my account there are four such errors appearing and I cannot findf a way of stopping these messages from appearing and deleting them for good. can anyone suggest a way of stopping these.

  MAJ 10:35 06 Nov 2008

Run a scan with your antivirus and antispyware programs.

  cchelp 10:40 06 Nov 2008

Thanks, I have done this several times and the errors still appear?

  MAJ 10:43 06 Nov 2008

Check your startup programs in msconfig, there's something in there that shouldn't be. Have you tried to install anything just before the problem started?

  Rahere 10:47 06 Nov 2008

the message implies that Windows was expecting to find a file but that file is no longer there.

Have you recently removed an infected file/program using av or anti-malware programs?

  ventanas 10:51 06 Nov 2008

As MAJ says, something is trying to run, but cannot find this dll, and neither can I. A Google search comes up blank.

You can try downloading this click here Its a bit more thorough than msconfig and may help you.

  Rahere 10:54 06 Nov 2008

Can you post the text of the other error messages too please?

  cchelp 10:59 06 Nov 2008

Thank you all -Rahere, I suspect is right -- I have removed infected files etc recently -- the other errors are exactly the same path, i will just list the end of the path as follows


  Rahere 11:05 06 Nov 2008

Thanks cchelp

I'd guess these are the remnants of the infection.

Download and install CCleaner click here

boot into safe mode and Run ccleaner's built in registry cleaner before we do anything more drastic..

  cchelp 11:08 06 Nov 2008

Thanks Rahere- will try this

  cchelp 14:44 06 Nov 2008

A big thank you to you all - problem resolved.

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