error guard

  simon-238946 20:53 10 Dec 2004

hiya a friend of mine downloaded a program called error guard it is obviously spyware she has tried using adaware and spysweeper to remove it but it is still in her pc does anyone know how i can remove this programme thanks

  rômanab 21:43 10 Dec 2004

She could try CWShredder click here

  rômanab 21:49 10 Dec 2004

...and Spybot click here

  His Nibs 00:00 25 Jan 2005

In response to Romanab's reply to Sideboard - regarding the use of Error Guard, I note with interest that he recommends the download of Spybot to destroy the Error Guard installation.

You might like to know that I have experiences of Panda Anti-Virus programme treating Spybot as spyware, and issuing warnings about it, and suggesting that it be deactivated. This was on my PC. In addition to that, on my laptop, Norton Security suite treated Spybot in a similar way.

I have seen a few brief entries on the results page of a Web search regarding Error Guard, which have given the impression that this is a terrible programme, and that to download would put a PC in terrible jeopardy. However, in spite of the hype against Error Guard, I have not yet seen a convincing piece of evidence to suggest that it is 1. a terrible programme, 2. Spyware.

Would someone like to explain what the problem with Error Guard is supposed to be?

  VoG II 00:06 25 Jan 2005

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