Error File://C:\

  ruthcruet 14:57 03 Aug 2006

This comes up every time I go to log on
File://C\Documents%20and%20 Settings/[then my first name]%20[then my lastname]\DeskTop\netdiag%
2023032005%20104344.htm Has anyone have any idea what this is and how I get rid of it?

  FelixTCat 15:33 03 Aug 2006


I suppose that you mean that comes up in your browser? It is looking for a home page on your hard drive instead of on the internet.

If you are using Internet Explorer, go to whatever web site you want as your home page, then go to Tools - Internet Options - General and click on Use Current. That will reset the home page.



  ruthcruet 16:11 03 Aug 2006

Thank you for your reply.I am not very techno minded, so not sure about reply.I turn on my pc, click the AOL icon to sign on and that is when the message comes up,in front of the sign on bit, I have to click off the message in order to sign on. I hope I am making sense lol

  FelixTCat 16:45 03 Aug 2006


Yes, you are. That complicated string (File://C\Documents%20and%20 Settings/[then my first name]%20[then my lastname]\DeskTop\netdiag%
2023032005%20104344.htm) is a cmplicated way of saying that it is looking for a file on your desktop called netdiag%

The htm bit at the end means basically that it is looking for a website.

I don't like AOL (for the sort of reason that has made you post this), but I think if you look at the top of the AOL window once you have logged on you will see a number of menu items, one of which is Tools. Click it and a menu will drop down and one of the options is Internet Options. It will open on the General tab but if it doesn't, click on it. Then click on Use current.



  ruthcruet 16:56 03 Aug 2006

Me again lol. There is no 'toolbar'on aol.But thank you for your help,maybe I am not meant to get rid of it[lol]I did try IE and did what you said but nothing changed.Anyway thank you

  Diemmess 17:18 03 Aug 2006

As another Aol user, when Aol is surly about completing the sign on process, I have my own method. Aol it seems prefers to pretend it doesn't use I.E>

Open Aol to the sign on screen.

Click the left side button "Sign on options"

Choose Expert Setup (right at the top)

Now you should see Home or whatever you called your location.

Highlight it if its not already highlighted and Delete it.
You will be warned but go ahead.

Now click on Add location, and type the same name in again if you want to.
Follow the prompts choosing "Next" each time (no need for sidetracking and rechecking your connection)- until you have the option to sign on again. - Do this and here's hoping it has worked.

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