'error deleting file or folder'

  Karma_Train 12:25 27 Aug 2003

Hello peeps, could anyone please offer a crumb of advice for removing an obstinate folder entry.
The folder appeared on the partition I use for storing images created by Power Quest`s DriveImage, I`m running WinME.
Basically, I tried to create an image of my C drive, I created a folder, named it and ran DriveImage, for some reason the image was not created successfully and now the empty folder just sits there sneering at me. Attempting to delete it produces 'error deleting file or folder, folder may already have been deleted or moved' Iv`e tried deleting it from explorer and from within DriveImage itself but all attempts fail and produce a variety of 'Windows cannot locate this file' messages.
Ultimately this folder is not causing any operational problems but as I`m completely 'anal' I`d still love to see the back of it, any ideas?

  Karma_Train 13:54 27 Aug 2003


  Jester2K II 14:01 27 Aug 2003

You need to delete it from DOS.

Open an MS-DOS window.

Find the folder. Note under DOS it will have a truncated name if over 8 letters long.

ie c:\LONGFOLDERNAME will become c:\LONGFO~1 or something like that.

when you find it try

del c:\LONGFOL~1 /s

  leo49 14:04 27 Aug 2003

But substitute for 'c' the drive letter of the partition on which you store your Images.

  Karma_Train 16:22 27 Aug 2003

Thanks Jester, with Leo49 holding my hand, telephonically, I ventured into the forboding blackness of DOS, I carried out your instructions to the letter, I was imformed that all my files at that location would be deleted, 'good' I thought, pressed enter but upon returning after re-boot found the perishing thing still there.
Sent it on it`s way eventually by cutting the files I wanted to keep from the partition to my docs, in PartitionMagic I deleted then recreated the partition they came from eventually cutting and pasting the retained files back to new, cleaned partition.
I really must do something about my obsessive nature. Thanks again for your help.

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