Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

  haiimmax 04:55 08 Jan 2018

Hello! So I am trying to play some modded minecraft with 2GB of RAM allocated to the game. After allocating the RAM (my minecraft ran out of memory) I started the game and got the message "Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit" I did as most websites recommended and uninstalled Java (even though I had the latest version) and reinstalled it. That, however, did not help. Then I tried to increase the amount of system memory allocated to Java. That to, did not work. Are there any other fixes I'm overlooking?

  MJS WARLORD 14:00 08 Jan 2018

this might not work but its worth a try , look at how your virtual memory is set , if it is set to let windows manage it you should change it. you should change it to slightly higher than the recommended settings.

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