Error copying DVD but plays fine-Any help?

  buel 08:21 06 Feb 2010

i have a home made (no encryption)DIY DVD that plays the both chapters, both around 90minutes long, absolutely fine but i cant copy it at all, no matter what software i try (Nero 9, DVD shrink, DVD decrypter), it copies the first chapter fine but will only copy 12minutes of the second chapter...please has anyone got any advice on this?

  jack 08:53 06 Feb 2010

Are trial versions and will need paying for to get the full whack.
Download and try
click here
Its my burner of choice
Yes despite its name it does burn DVD's

  buel 09:09 06 Feb 2010

Thanks for that! I shall try it! I must poit out though that the software i use are the full paid up versions!
Ps- no apostrophe with DVDs

  eedcam 09:27 06 Feb 2010

Shrink is very good and methinks perhapsyouare mising somethingn.You say 2 chpters but do you mean Titles. Try this open the dvd in shrink choose reauthorn and then in the right hand pane you should have title 1 title2 drag themover to the left hand pane and check their respective sizes. If it plays allright its not the burner at fault and as shrink only reads and authors ?

  buel 09:00 10 Feb 2010

Hi there, i did what you said and the first title i was able to drag across fine but the second one stopped 9% and then i got the message 'DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to to read file E:/ Data error (cycle redundandcy check)'

Any other ideas please?
The DVD plays both titles fine but just wont copy!

  Terry Brown 09:13 10 Feb 2010

Download CDCHECK (trial version free), put your DVD in the drive and select 'Recover'. and select where you want it saved on your harddrive.

This will then copy it 'byte by byte' from the DVD to the harddrive.If it encounters any erors it will try to recover them and let you know what is happening.
After that just burn it to a new DVD

  buel 08:50 11 Feb 2010

Hi there, CDCHECK seems a great program but it cant seem to get the data off this dvd, i just dont understand why it can play and yet struggles to be copied!
I wonder is there any software that is able to 'copy' the DVD as it plays or 'on the fly' i believe the phrase is?

  steve stifler 09:35 11 Feb 2010

possibly scratches,try a clean or a different machine.different burners have different scratch tolerences.also try isobuster
click here.

  buel 15:17 14 Feb 2010

Hi i have tried all the options so far and haven't had any luck, is there asy software that will copy the footage from the dvd 'as it plays' if you see what i mean, being as it plays fine?

  steve stifler 17:24 14 Feb 2010

a few to look at
click here

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