Error Code 80004003. Invalid Pointer . Cyberlink

  TinkyTime 11:37 06 May 2009

Okay, my problem is back and so I have started this new thread to draw attention to the fact that I am back!

The old thread is click here

I have done a clean install again.

Reformatted drive and installed XP Pro SP3
Installed P6T motherboard Drivers
Installed X-Fi Extreme Audio 7.1 drivers
Installed netframework 3.5 (radeon needed NF2.0 it said but only 3.5 available)
Installed ASUS EAH4850/512MB/A Drivers
Installed Cyberlink HigH Definition Suite
Ran it and it aupdated LG Drives firmware then it asked for the Power DVD Patch 7.3 to play Blu Ray which I downloaded and installed.

Error Code 80004003 is back.... grrrr

Ran BD Advisor and it says the same as before.

Looked in BD Advisor Log and one thing that I noticed was that it says my card has 1Gb of Ram when it says on the box only 512MB. Could this be the problem?

Just for the record, DVDs work great! just blu ray that fails everytime.
Everythign working great

  woodchip 11:40 06 May 2009

If the error started after downloading the Power DVD patch and loading it. Then I would say that is the Problem root problem

  woodchip 11:42 06 May 2009

This may be where you should be looking to your problem. click here

  woodchip 11:44 06 May 2009

Got this page after doing a search for your error click here=

  TinkyTime 12:59 06 May 2009

Thanks woodchip.

The DVD Patch is needed to activate blu ray, so a bit stuffed there if that is the problem.

I cant see anything on the links. I apparently have to sign up first which i'll do... getting excited!

  TinkyTime 13:09 06 May 2009

Hmmm, i am getting a bit perplexed. I have signed up and activated my Cyberlink account yet I cant get into the forums without this coming up!

"Your account is not activated yet. An email will arrive shortly with instructions about how to finish the registration"

Any idea where I am going wrong now?!

Can you copy the important bits and paste them here perhaps?

  woodchip 14:06 06 May 2009

I think as most do, they should send a e-mail that you just click on a link in the mail to activate it.

Have you tried also updating your Ati Graphics Driver?

  TinkyTime 16:45 06 May 2009

I had to cler my cookies in the end to gain access to the Cyberlink board. There are a few people with problems, but none mentioning my specific problem - no one seems to get an answer to their problems though.

Yes i did update the ATi drivers. all to no avail.

I have just taken out the 4850 and put in a Radeon 4550 and same problem. Invalid Pointer 80004003.

Removed the 4550 and put in my GeForce 8500Gt and using the drivers out of the box, it all works!

So its a Radeon and Cyberlink compatability issue i reckon.

Any ideas how i solve it?

  OTT_Buzzard 16:51 06 May 2009

Really don't think so - i use a HD4870 with a similar LG blu ray reader and Cyberlink and all works well.

I'm thinking defective graphics card....

  TinkyTime 17:20 06 May 2009

....maybe but the 4550 is unlikely to be defective too?

....or perhaps its something else like the creative sound card drivers that are the issue.

I'll try the 4550 again but on a clean install and see if i can get that to work.

  TinkyTime 00:07 07 May 2009

Okay, took out creative X-Fi and went back to onboard sound.

Installed Radeon 4650 and Radeon 4550. Used all the latest drivers. DVDs play lovely.

When playing Blu Ray, Cyberlink or LG prompts that a patch is needed. Download that.

DVDs still okay, but Blu ray just freezes orpointer error appears.

So its not a faulty card, but Cyberlink BD Advisor says that none of the Radeon graphics cards are BD Ready!!!

I wonder if its a compatability issue with the chipset on the ASUS P6T? I have the latest BIOS and drivers for it, but surely it would have caused issues before now as its had a few months to 'bed down'.

Anyone got Cyberlink BD working with ASUS P6T and a Radeon card?

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