Error Code 0x7e

  neil.s 13:43 18 Jul 2003

This is the screen I get when I try to update windows components, see the attatchment, any help will be gratefully recieved.

"Setup library ocgen.dll could not be loaded, or function OcEntry could not be found. Contact your system administrator. the specific code is 0x7e."

Operating system WinXP home, I ried a roll back to when I insatlled Windows updates (the 9th July) but to no avail.

  AndySD 15:16 18 Jul 2003

Put your windows CD into the CD ROM and hold the shift key (the one with arrow pointing up, just above the Ctrl key on the left of your keyboard). Holding shift for a few seconds will stop the Windows CD from auto running, but the drive will still spin up to read the disk then spin back down again. Once it has spun down you can release the shift key.

Now click Start/All Programs/Accessories and choose Command Prompt. Type in

sfc /scannow

and hit enter. This will check and replace any damaged system files.

  neil.s 15:59 18 Jul 2003

Andy it ran through and checked the files all seemed fine but when I did a restart it started in sort of safe mode, 4 bit colour some drivers not picked up, unsure of where to go so did a roll back, all is working but original problem is still here

  AndySD 16:57 18 Jul 2003

Lets try replacing ocgen.dll. First you need to find it (its in C:\Windows\system32\ and remame it ocgen.old click here and follow the instructions where

File to restore is ocgen.dll

restore from is on the XP cd in i386folder

savi in is C:\Windows\system32\

  neil.s 18:07 18 Jul 2003

Andy still no joy, there seemed to be no ocgen.dll file in the system32 folder, could only find two on my PC: - c:\windows\ServicePackFiles\i386

I replaced with the first one, so I now show 3 when I do a search now, one in the system32 folder

sorry for the delay in getting back but had to take the dog out.

  Gordongopher 18:34 18 Jul 2003

Neilly ..... does this mean another re-install coming ?????
me better dig out my Spare "FLAT" Monitor ...

  AndySD 18:37 18 Jul 2003

Ok do you have the full XP cd and is it sp1 (if not do you have sp1 on a cd)

If so its going to be fastesr to do a Repair instalation of XP (but you need to reinstall all the updates afterwards)

Boot from the CD

Let the Setup go through the first part of the Installation procedure.

When you come to the screen in which it says "Welcome to Setup." press Enter to Setup Windows XP.

Press F8 to agree to the End User License.

Let the Setup search your system for previous versions of Windows.

When the Setup is finished searching your system, select your Windows XP Installation and press the R key on your keyboard to start the Repair Procedure.

Setup will delete all major system files and then replace them with new copies.

You will have to download all of the updates from Microsoft Windows Update again because it replaces the files.

There is nothing to worry about as long as you follow these steps to repairing Windows XP.

  neil.s 18:49 18 Jul 2003

I will back update my backups and go for a repair on Sunday, I wll let you know the outcome.

Many thanks again for all your help, Gordongopher (a mate) will give me assistance.

  neil.s 12:59 21 Jul 2003

Cheers Andy all running as sweet as a nut, well nearly USB1 working can't seem to get it to recognise USB2, the repair never cured so back in an did a clean install, hardware and software all in, SP1 installed just pick away at all the other updates.

Thank you AndySD and Gordongopher.

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