Error code 0x66A

  scolley 00:27 23 Aug 2007

Hi could any kind person help a complete novice how to get rid of a yellow shield in my start bar at the bottom of my PC. it as some thing to do with Microsoft .Net Framework Version 1.1 service pack 1(KB928366) ITS ASKING ME OR TELLING ME THERE ARE UPDATES BUT EVERY TIME I CLICK ON IT, THIS WILL NOT IN STALL YET IN MY CONTROL PANEL IT TELLS ME I ALREADY HAVE IT?????

This as been there now for at least 6weeks i was hopeing it would solve it self as its to do with Microsoft but no, if any one can tell how to sort this i will appriciate the help, but i do need it in lay mans terms sorry, not to PC, savvy.

  brundle 00:32 23 Aug 2007

One of the solutions here definitely works, there appears to be 2 or 3 different solutions.

click here

Basically, you need to remove all Net Framework entries from Add/Remove Programs, download NF1.1, and the NF1.1 patch, install and keep the installation files until you have attempted the MS update again and completed it successfully. It seems to require the presence of one of the .msi files from the aforementioned products, they have usually been deleted on most user's PCs since those files and updates aren't recent.

  scolley 13:46 23 Aug 2007

cheers brundle
tried all that but am not sure i got it right, as i say im not PC. savvy,so as any one a simple way to solve this its driving me mad, ????

  birdface 18:38 23 Aug 2007 here

  birdface 18:40 23 Aug 2007

You could try here

  skidzy 19:28 23 Aug 2007

Uninstall all versions of NetFramework from Add and remove programs.

Download and install Version 2.0 click here

Then leave the MS updates to download and install (if you have MS configured to auto update

),hopefully this will cure your problem.

  scolley 03:32 24 Aug 2007

skidzy i tried uninstalling all the netframework but its telling me i cant because its not installed but its there in my control panel????

buteman tried those too but to no avail?? i already have a reg cure its reg shower from PC advisor mag, but am not even sure if that is doing any good to be honest, back at the brick wall, ???

  birdface 10:05 24 Aug 2007

Hi,Net Framework should be in your add remove ,And if you tried to remove them all and they are still there Brundles click here should have got rid of them,This is an old thread from Brundle that helped me.If you read Brundles click here and go to the bottom part of his sentence and follow here

  brundle 12:00 24 Aug 2007

You need the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility; click here

  scolley 15:01 24 Aug 2007

brundle i have down loaded the windows installer Cleanup Utility,

in the control panel when i try to remove the sais horror, it's saying 1

This action is only valid for products that are currently installed, ?

Them under neath its got hotfix tried to remove this but again i get .

The upgrade patch cannot be installed by windows installer service because the program to be upgraded maybe missing or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program, verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch. any idea's where i go now,

  brundle 15:22 24 Aug 2007

You need to find the MS Installer Cleanup entry in your Start menu and remove the NetFramework entries. It works independently of Windows' Add/Remove Programs. The error message refers to my first post, the installation files for those applications are missing. NF is up to version 3 now, you really only need to install 2.0 to enable older applications that require 1.1 to work. If any app needs version 3, it includes version 2. I did a fresh install of XP recently, and only installed Net Framework 2.0, then 3.0 when I needed to use an application that required version 3.

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