Error 'Chime' in background?

  ralph-226856 16:28 23 Dec 2004

Hi All, My PC has recently started emitting a Chiming noise in the background without any input
from me. It's the kind of error sound you get when you try to click on something on the Desktop when you first should have closed the window that's open. The noise is like a 'Gong' or 'Chime'and it happens at different times. At first I thought it was my email received message, but it wasn't. There seems to be no activity that I can connect it to. At times I get two or three chimes within a few seconds of each other and at other times just a single chime. I can be using my PC for an hour or more without any problem when suddenly a chime rings out whilst I'm doing nothing. I wondered if there was some sort of Malware working on my PC in stealth mode and it was trying to access my files. My Anti-Spyware shows a clean PC. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  ACOLYTE 16:30 23 Dec 2004

If you have xp check the error log it sounds like something has had an error and pc is beeping to tell you.

  ralph-226856 21:12 23 Dec 2004

I should have mentioned Acolyte that my OS is Win98se.

  Graham ® 21:14 23 Dec 2004

Dr.Watson seems to spring to mind with '98.

  Graham ® 21:28 23 Dec 2004

Have a look in Control Panel, Sounds (I think, my 98 is off at the moment). Go through the sounds until you find one with the chime. Change it to see if that's the one.

  Starfox 22:57 23 Dec 2004

*Could* indicate a problem with processor fan,either running too slow or intermitently,get it checked before it toasts.

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  ralph-226856 21:34 24 Dec 2004

Dont seem to be able to activate Dr Watson.
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  ralph-226856 21:43 24 Dec 2004

My Sounds are also turned off except for the Start up Wav, but thanks for the tip because it enabled me to locate the name of the Wav file which is causing me the problem, it's the Windows Default sound, which is listed as: Ding,Wav in the sounds folder. Cheers.
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  ralph-226856 21:50 24 Dec 2004

Thanks for the link, it looks like a useful device and the price is right. Since your post I've gone into BIOS a number of times when I've heard the Chime and on each occasion the CPU temp' has been 30/32 degrees C and the fan speed has been around the 5900rpm mark. Cheers.
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