Error with changing resolution = DESK.CPL

  Chegs ® 03:38 26 Jan 2004

I have been trying to load 98se up from an image of 98se.On reinstallation,once I have updated my drivers,etc.I try to alter the Refresh Rate,and it doesn't offer 85Hz,only upto 75Hz.I have installed the GF Ti4800 successfully(previous installs kept getting BSOD)I have checked device manager,and everything is installed correctly,yet each time I click on the Geforce tab,I get "An error occured while Windows was working with the Control Panel file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\DESK.CPL" with an OK button which closes DeskTop/Properties/Advanced/GeforceTi4600 down.I have tried SFC,but it couldn't find it to fix,DESKW95.CPL is the file it should be looking for according to M$,but trying to rename it desk.cpl(as per M$ instructions)gets "Unable to as its in use by WINDOWS" message.I then tried the D/L of DESK.CPL direct to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ folder,said yes to replace the same one already there,yet still get the "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\DESK.DLL" is broken message.Anyone care to suggest a way to rectify this annoyance?

  Djohn 03:55 26 Jan 2004

Hi Chegs ® click here found this on the M/S knowledge base, any use? give the link a mo. to divert you. j.

  Chegs ® 12:27 26 Jan 2004

Thanks for that one,it mentions using Regedit on that page,after reinstalling a Standard VGA adaptor,the pages I found made no references to regedit,so I will give its instructions a whirl(as its imaged I cannot "break" it beyond

  ©®@$? 12:37 26 Jan 2004

click here

towards the bottom

  Chegs ® 12:44 26 Jan 2004

I was using those pages to replace DESK.CPL lastnite,but as I said to Djohn,it didn't work,but have just had a poke in registry and there are no mention of "Hkey_local_machine/software/Diamond Multimedia
Hkey_current_user/software/Diamond Multimedia


Hkey_current_user/software/Diamond" or NVidia in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder\Display\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers" but I deleted the "PropertySheetHandlers" keys anyway.Just gonna restart(if it will)with a "Standard VGA adaptor" then reinstall the NVidia driver,see if that fixes it.

  Chegs ® 12:56 26 Jan 2004

Sorted with the Regedit,thanks Djohn.Got my desktop setup at 85Hz once again.Now just got to get the SB and TV card drivers installed without BSOD(from SB)or "Out of Memory" from TV card(got 1Gb DDR so had to add MaxPhysPage=30000 to system.ini)and try to find workarounds for these problems.

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