Error with Camera Memory Card

  alfredgerald 13:55 28 Jun 2014

Having trouble with a Kingston Technology micro SDHC 16 GBC16G camera memory card. Error message ‘this card was formatted by an external device and is not suitable for recording’. It displays the first 14 photos and then reports ‘this picture cannot be displayed’ but it recognises that there are 254 photos taken. I have never formatted the card, just incerted and taken photos. Any thoughts?

  alfredgerald 11:52 30 Jun 2014

Downloaded a file recovery programme, which identified 254 files on the memory card. It recovered them with .rfs file extensions. My PC was unable to open them. I then used a file convert programme on one of them and it converted it to a .jpeg but my PC is still unable to open it. Any thoughts?

  Ian in Northampton 12:43 30 Jun 2014

What are you trying to open it with? And - when you try to open it, are you getting an error message?

  alfredgerald 13:01 30 Jun 2014

Tried opening with a variety of software. All give the same error message. ‘Windows unable to open this file’ ‘Software may need updating’ or words to that effect.

  Ian in Northampton 13:11 30 Jun 2014

I use IrfanView as a viewer - it's free - which is usually pretty good.

Something that might be worth trying is to change the file extension - e.g. if it's .jpeg, change it to .jpg, and see if it'll open then. Or, go back to the original .rfs file and convert it to something like .png or .tif.

I just did some research. It seems that .rfs files are generated for the Android platform?

  Pineman100 14:39 30 Jun 2014

You don't say which recovery program you used. Was it Recuva, as suggested by rdave13? I find that one very reliable.

If the original files on the card still exist, I would try another recovery using Recuva.

I also agree with Ian's suggestion that you try renaming the recovered files' suffix.

After you've finished all of your recovery procedures, before you use the card again I suggest that you reformat it in the camera, using the camera's own software. Then try some test shots before you use it again in earnest.

  alfredgerald 08:59 08 Jul 2014

Thanks all. Have tried all of the above without success. I suspect it is a faulty card. Re formatted it and took a few test pictures. Can manage to successfully take 16 and view them. After that it tells me there is a file but I am unable to view them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:45 08 Jul 2014

sounds as if you have a bad "sector" on the card. its probably never going to be any good so best bet is to through it away and get another.

you could tr running a chkdsk on the card (never tried that myself)you haave nothing to lose now.

  woodchip 11:59 08 Jul 2014

You may have exceeded the Camera Default memory size

  alfredgerald 09:45 15 Jul 2014

Hi Woodchip. Can you please expand a bit more? How will I know this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 15 Jul 2014

SDHC card Hc stands for High capacity older cameras and card readers cannot read HC cards.

The card reader in my old PC will not read the card from my new camera, i have to plug it into the reader in the printer to access the pictures on the card.

How old is your camera and card reader /PC?

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