error burning iso image

  hugh-265156 16:56 24 Jun 2003

hi all.i have win xp home etd.

i fancied trying linux and decided to give knoppix a go,main reason being it runs from a bootable cd.if i like it i was intending on installing it properly.

i downloaded the iso image(700mb) and used veritas record now dx to burn the image to cdr.

im getting a 4-44-00-Internal Target Failure error every time i try to do can happen after 2 megs copied or 6xx megs copied.

tried lowering the speed of the burner to x16 then x4 and still got the error.i have also tried safe mode and different brands of disc and also tried using nero.all fail at some point with this error.

i have set to test and if ok gets through the test ok.just fails on burning.

i can burn a data cd and music cd no problems.

i downloaded the iso again from a different source and am still getting this error.

had a look on google and as far as i can tell the error is software related.not sure what to do is up to date and no errors in event viewer.

any ideas folks? many thanks.

  hugh-265156 20:47 24 Jun 2003

still no joy with the above.tried downloading from yet another source(ntl are gona love me lol!)

i have checked all the cables and reinstalled the burning software and did all the above again.

as above i can bun music cds and data ok.have also tried another iso file(boot cd)and that burnt ok too.

just the knoppix images throwing up the error.

  hugh-265156 21:15 24 Jun 2003

the reason i want to use knoppix is because it runs from disc

i just want to try it and if i like it then i will think about mandrake or redhat and a proper install etc jimv7 thanks.

will give Isorecorder a whirl and see what happens muppetmark thanks.

  hugh-265156 22:13 24 Jun 2003

a great little addon.worked a treat.

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