error 2908

  treasuretrove 19:17 09 Jan 2003
  treasuretrove 19:17 09 Jan 2003

We have already killed of one hard drive,which was relativly new (a year)And having purchaced a new one afew weeks back we were hoping for many hours fun .Unfortunatly it has crashed again and it will not go pass scan as it keeps shutting off.
The latest message says error 2908,has anyone got any idea what this is?
Are we just unlucky or could something sinister be going on.

  Elrond 19:19 09 Jan 2003

When does this message appear? What OS are you on?

  Elrond 19:20 09 Jan 2003

click here;en-us;299777

Does the above ahve anything to do with it?

  Elrond 19:21 09 Jan 2003

Once you've clicked copy the :en-us;299777 into the address bar on the end of the origial then click go.

  treasuretrove 20:18 09 Jan 2003

windows 2000 professional system. Message apears when trying to start system in normal mode, once the blue screen of death appears. Tried safe mode took a day to load and then only partialy. Tried starting in dos mode and ran scandisk, this then stopped and froze after checking 19% Tried running norton rescue recovery from floppy. It said it could not reed some systems files.

  treasuretrove 20:34 09 Jan 2003

Went to web site but cant do what it said as i cant get to the desk top

  Elrond 20:37 09 Jan 2003

Can you actually get into Windows2000 at all? If so do the following.

You could try to create a Windows Emergency Repair Disk (ERD):

1. Insert a blank formatted 1.44MB floppy disk

2. Select start - programs - accessories - system tools - backup

3. Click emergency repair disk

4. Windows will ask you for the floppy disk. Put it in.

5. Click ok to start copying ERD files. Once finished label the disk win2000 ERD

6. Boot to either Win 2000 Startup floppies or Win 2000 CD-ROm

7. When asked choose Repair option pressing R

8. When asked choose emergency repair process by pressing R. Choose either manual repair (M) or fast repair (F).

9. Follow all prompts

10. System will restart automatically when repair is compltete.

  treasuretrove 12:47 11 Jan 2003

i can only opperate in Dos mode now and have no access to another windows 2000 computer. The one I am using to reach you is my good old trusty 98. shame the things that all come out now are for much newer models!

  treasuretrove 12:53 11 Jan 2003

the first time my hard drive died was very similar to the second. On getting the machine back from the shop I made a emmergency disk and rescue disk fron nortons software on the machine. Having said that I dont remember seeing anything like repair on the screen but shall now go and check.

  Elrond 12:57 11 Jan 2003

I have just posted a message to see if anybody knows whether you can download the repair disk from somwhere.

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