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error 1962 no system found

  jerrybluenose 15:12 30 Jul 2019

Lenovo ideacentre desktop Hi Folks, I’ve got a major problem with my desktop. It started last week when I unknowingly downloaded a virus called Segurazo. I’d never heard of it until then but it’s a real killer!. It slowed my system down to almost nothing and wouldn’t let me run any antivirus programs. I tried all the suggestions I could find on google but nothing worked. I then tried running a recovery disc but after going through its full cycle I got a message saying It hadn’t installed and nothing had been changed. I tried this a couple of more times for luck but got the same result. Then, out of desperation I tried loading a new version of Windows but after going through the motions I again got a message saying it had failed to install but here the plot thickens! When I next rebooted all I got was a message saying “error code 1962: no operating system found” I’ve accessed the boot options menu and tried every option listed but still the same result. I’ve run out of ideas now so any help or suggestions would be appreciated Jerry

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 30 Jul 2019

Did you do a clean install of windows, it may have formatted the drive before attempting to install. and when the install failed hence the message.

You could try to reinstall windows again and see what happens.

Or you could try running from a linux distro from a USB stick to examine your drive first. However if this virus is that bad then best way is to format the drive and start from fresh.

Hope you have back ups of your important data.

  jerrybluenose 16:50 30 Jul 2019

Hi Fruit Bat. Thamks for the reply. I half suspected that myself.I've got backups of everything so no problem there. I thought of changing the hard drive but I've read that this virus installs itself deep in the registry so I don't know if that'll work or not. I'm gonna give Linux a try and I'll keep you posted. Jerry

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 30 Jul 2019

This situation is why I use Macrium reflect free to take regular images of my drives and allows me to restore and image of my windows drive in less than 20 mins and Im backto before the problem started.

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