Error 0x800706be Windows Update (KB4462919)

  allan bachtiar lyne 12:43 20 Oct 2018

i got "2018-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4462919) -Error 0x800706be" when trying to update my pc, browsed around the internet and it didnt work, tried fixing my registry, troubleshoot, the standalone said the update is not applicable to your computer, please help im desperate

  allan bachtiar lyne 13:02 20 Oct 2018

yes, already did that, but failed and said "the update is not applicable to your computer" even though i choose the correct one :/

  allan bachtiar lyne 19:21 20 Oct 2018

sorry i dont quite understand what you said, rdav13, and how do i check if it's installed or not? in the history it said "Failed to install on ‎10/‎20/‎2018 - 0x800706be"

  allan bachtiar lyne 21:45 20 Oct 2018

nope, these are all i've got

and, manual download says "update is not applicable to your computer" even though it's the correct one. as i already said in the post

1]: [click here

  allan bachtiar lyne 03:13 21 Oct 2018

rdave13, i talked about KB4462919. since i dont have KB4456655 installed, do i need first?

i am pretty sure i downloaded the correct one, for windows 10 x64, which the one that's 770.8 mb (cumulative) and/or 349.2 mb (delta) i checked many times :/

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