erratic mouse after upping resolution

  rioboy 17:18 27 Feb 2003

Built myself a new PC a couple of days ago and installed XP after reading the comments of a lot of people on this site. Very happy with it but have noticed a mouse problem after upping the resolution to 1024 by 728. My specs are K7S6A,2200XP,256 DDR and Radeon 7000 64 Meg Graphics. I have a cordless mouse and keyboard bought from Time(aarggh) a couple of months ago. My previous PC had a bog standard 8 meg graphics and with my 17 inch monitor I had no problems with 1024-728 and 16 bit colour using the same mouse and keyboard. Now, on my current PC at those settings my mouse slows right down and I have to click a couple (or three)times for the PC to respond. If I run at 800/600 I have no problems. Anyone got any ideas please?

  froggg 17:43 27 Feb 2003

check your mouse settings in control panel,or in software that came with the mouse.check your battery.

  rioboy 17:57 27 Feb 2003

Cheers frogg but had already done that. Have just decreased resolution to 800/600 and mouse is quick and slick! Can't understand the reasoning why upping the res should have such an adverse effect.

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