Erratic Mouse

  Trilby2 17:40 29 Jan 2005

Recently both my Wireless Mouse and my ordinary Mouse are behaving rather erratically, there is no apparent reason for this.
I did try Restoring ro an earier date, and this did work for a short time,but it has had a relapse. Can anyone advise a cause of action.

  spuds 21:16 29 Jan 2005

When a wireless mouse starts getting erratic,it is usually a low battery problem. Best to use rechargables, if you haven't already done so.

Erratic movements can also be caused by 'fluff' etc on the ball rollers. Unscrew bottom of mouse cover, remove ball and clean.

  woodchip 21:20 29 Jan 2005

Go to Device Manager and Remove both then shut comp down and remove one of the mice restart the comp and it will reload a mouse. you can then try again the above and install the other mouse. It may cure it

  Totally-braindead 22:45 29 Jan 2005

I had this problem when I was using the software that came with the mouse, changed the mouse to using a standard mouse type driver and problem disappeared.

  Trilby2 11:58 30 Jan 2005

Thanks for your suggestions, On the Wireless mouse, I replaced the battery three days ago,I also checked the Device manage, and this made no difference, the Ball on both the mouses are clean. The odd thing with regard to the Wireless mouse is that all though the program (TRUST) appears on the program List, it does not show up on the device manager, I surpose that there may be a conflict between the two, but it is not obvious. Trilby2

  spuds 14:01 30 Jan 2005

You say that the ball on both units are clean, did you check the internal rollers click here

  Graham ® 14:04 30 Jan 2005

Do a search on the PC for 'Crazy Mouse'.

  sputnick 14:26 30 Jan 2005

click here
See my thread from last week. Mouse freezes.
I found a PCI card caused problems.Also after that mouse scrolling didn`t work properly.Try to see if there is an updated driver on manufacturers web site.

  Trilby2 15:10 30 Jan 2005

Thanks Spuds Mouse up and working Trilby2

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