Erratic clock - is it a battery problem?

  Shas 13:35 16 Apr 2004

Have read in other threads that a clock losing time is a battery problem, but my clock doesn't so much just lose time gradually as actually jump back a complete hour - sometimes more than once a day and sometimes it doesn't happen for a week or more.

The machine is 5 years old, running Windows 98SE and this has been happening on and off for a couple of years or so. I'm assuming, because of its age, that it is a battery problem but could it be something else?

Instructions in other threads of what you have to do to replace it scares me a bit, so before I go down that route, any advice would be much appreciated.

  AndySD 15:10 16 Apr 2004

Get a torch and take the side of the case off and look for the battery click here and note down the details. click here is a good walkthrough.

  Shas 15:28 16 Apr 2004

Thanks AndySD. That walkthrough link should be a big help - looks as though it was written specifically with me in mind! Thanks again.

  Shas 15:55 23 Apr 2004

Apologies in advance if this seems a stupid question, but is a CR 2032 battery the same as a DL 2032. Do the prefix letters make a difference?

The one in my machine is a Maxell CR 2032 but locally I could only get a Duracell DL 2032. I asked Gateway if it would be ok but they wouldn't commit themselves, saying they hadn't tested the latter but if it was 3V Lithium (which it is), it should be OK. Does anyone know for sure?

All the advice on replacing this battery stresses it's important to use the same type, so I'm a bit worried about putting the wrong one in. Thanks.

  AndySD 11:00 24 Apr 2004

I can see no problem with exchanging the battery as it is 3V Lithium Different manufacturers give there batterys different model numbers but I only check its the same type before changing them and have had no problems so far.

  Shas 08:08 26 Apr 2004

Thanks again AndySD, I'll give it a go. :o)

  Shas 08:07 27 Apr 2004

Put the new battery in yesterday, thought all would be ok. Switched on at 7.55 this morning and the clock read 6.55. Is there anything else that could be making the clock jump back a complete hour? It can be irritating but is it cause for concern, or is it just as I've always suspected - that I've got a 'Friday afternoon' machine! Thanks.

  only me 09:15 27 Apr 2004

Just a thought. When i first bought a comp, i saw an advert for a system to keep the clock accurate to the second, when i installed it,it put my clock 1 hour slow, you haven't installed this?

  Shas 09:53 27 Apr 2004

Hi only me. Sorry for delay in replying, (is the problem with no email response advice back because I didn't get a notification anyone had responded.)

Anyway, no I haven't installed anything like that. It must have been a couple of years ago that it first happened, just out of the blue and when the clock is put right it sometimes stays ok for weeks, sometimes jumps back several times a day. Plays havoc with tea breaks!

  AndySD 10:32 27 Apr 2004

boot into the bios/setup and reset the clock there.

  Shas 11:28 27 Apr 2004

Have just done as you said. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for all feedback. :o)

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